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TaskPortal - Task Management and Project Tracking Software

   TaskPortal is an easy to use Collaboration Extranet, Task Management & Project Management System. It makes working together with your teams, clients and suppliers easy and accountable as well as allowing you to manage all your projects, work tasks, requests and teams from a central location available anywhere, anytime. TaskPortal provides project managers the flexibility to customize the application and set up the projects to best suite their needs and provides intuitive reports, Gantt charts and Calendars to easily schedule the work tasks. Key Features include: project management, task tracking, document management, file sharing, project reporting, role based administration, auto email alerts & user centric design. The system can be setup on our servers as an online hosted account, or can be run on your own servers.
CommercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3

   Save money in your business by streamlining preventative maintenance and rebuilds of equipment for your IT department. Parts inventory management, equipment tracking (computers, monitors, etc.), work order management, and calendars enable Adhesion to generate (JIT) Just-In-Time inventory reports and alerts! This service manager is totally scalable from a small IT department or shop-floor to a multi-department IT organization (even a full blown manufacturing facility). Automatically integrates with our help desk manager, CRM, project manager, time sheets manager, and invoice manager applications. The ASP source code is included and this software allows for UNLIMITED USERS!
CommercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 4

   While You Were Out and In / Out Board. While You Were Out Phone Messages - Send WYWO messages direct form the database. Employee In / Out Board - Easily log in and out. One click "In function". Message Database for each employee. - Quit losing those messages. Messages are stored in a Database for each employee to maintain his/her messages. Secure Login. Session Timeout. Auto Refresh - System will display and accurate list of who is In and who is Out. All employees logged as Out are easily visible with a Red Highlight. Designed with/for ASP, VBScript and Access Database running on W2K Server.
commercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2
Time Tracker

   Project Management/Timesheet software. Track tasks within projects. Reporting features include OLAP Com cubes using XML. Email Notifications triggered on events. Unlimited users with different permissions. Time Entry approvals. Now customized your Time Tracker to ANY LANGUAGE! Customize to your color schema. Group level permissions. Try our nag free demo today.
commercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2

   ProjectApp is a customizable groupware solution that provides a suite of project and task management tools to foster team communication. ProjectApp is ideal for teams that need to collaborate, communicate, share and track information. Track projects and tasks, share and distribute centralized docs and knowledge. Define phases, status, priority, user skills, etc. Complete ASP source code and Access/SQL database included.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3
My-Time Web-Based Timesheet Solutions

   My-Time is an ASP (Active Server Pages) application for running an web-based timesheet on your Internet/Intranet web site. It incorporates a databased timesheet system, front end pages for time tracking and project managing, back end pages for updating customers, projects, phases, tasks, department, group and users details and archive manager for archiving your company's data. Easy-to-use My-Time Timesheet. Anyone can fill out their timesheet wherever they are, anywhere in the world, any time of day or night, using a PC or Mac.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 4

   IntraWORK is web-based Intranet groupware Solutions designed to meet the collaboration and information sharing needs of small to mid size organizations. This Integrated ready-to-run Intranet suite features: Document Management, Task Management, Personal and group Calendar, Company and group news publisher, webMail client, Chat, Instant Messenger, Address Book, and Employees directory and many more.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2

   ASPIntranet is an Open Source Intranet Solution based on Active Server Pages. It allows you to manage your employees,vacation, notes and many more.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 4
Digger Solutions Intranet Open Source

   An Active Server Pages intranet for client, project, task, and timecard tracking and reporting also has news, a calendar, a document repository, employee directory, discussion forum, surveys, and more. Fully customizable, easy to setup, and free.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/27/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 4
SpotIMG.com Free Image Hosting

   Do you need somewhere to upload your images to? Perhaps a special occassion that you want to share with friends or family? Selling an item on an online auction but havent got anywhere to host the photos? This is where SpotIMG.com comes in. Signup for your free account and start uploading today!
FreePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/24/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 4
intranet open source

   In partnership with Digger Solutions, Developer@Large has added a slick new (and faster rendering) interface to intranet open source 2.7.1. Features include graphical icon navigation and left menu dashboard. This new version has all the great features of IOS that you have come to expect. The Developer@Large skin is only available in the Digger Solutions store and it comes with the Complete Admin Pak included in the application!. What a deal!
freePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 1/10/2007Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3
ASP Timecard

   ASP Timecard is Windows compatible. The ASP Timecard is a Timecard/Events Management script basically which can be used to manage events/workers time schedules. The script uses a password protected area to add/edit/delete evnets. Also allow for multiple users to maintain events. Also allows users to see the hours they are signed up for to work. Easily integrate with ASP Login
freePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 1/10/2007Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3

   To succeed in today’s global and highly competitive market, you need to provide your employees with a cost effective and flexible tools for communication and collaboration.
CommercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 1/10/2007Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3
Centralized Business Information Manager

   Knowledge base, Document and Form Manager, Calendar, Chat, Photo Gallery, Messaging and news management center. Join your business units, employees and partners with the dynamic content, collaboration, and communication tools of a complete portal solution. With any web browser and from ANY location in the World you give your employees, customers, and partners a central interface to access the information they need to make better and faster business decisions.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 5/23/2007Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 4

   BrightSuite is Windows compatible most comprehensive and easiest to use Groupware package on the market today. Combining 25 application modules using a common database, BrightSuite provides unparalleled power and efficiency. BrightSuite is designed to run on a web server. The software can easily be installed on your company’s Intranet or an Internet website. Users need only a web browser.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 5/23/2007Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2
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