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Clinic Management System

   Pegasus’s Healthcare System (PHS) consists of software mechanism that centralizes and consolidates patient, provider and clinical objects and business rules across the enterprise. PHS overcomes operational challenges faced by healthcare organizations, letting them: Manage business transactions consistently in the patient care process, thereby increasing the efficiency, quality and competitive edge of the organization Maximize clinical data reuse and portability through the use of standards, enabling seamless integration and consistent implementation between variant healthcare information systems Enable protocol-based decision support, based on a complete view of patient information Enables caregivers in providing flexible solutions with the User-friendly Interface
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Reservation Online

   Reservation Online will allow your restaurant to take online bookings. Your guests can select the day, time & number of people from our simple & quick reservation system. The site is completely customizable via the online admin.
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   eProjects web-enables all projects and tasks for businesses, automating many manual processes and promoting efficient sharing of knowledge. This application will save time; cut cost; and can be accessed from any location from the world wide web. Multi-user enviroment (permission driven) Project Management | Task Scheduling | Client Management | Employee Management |Expense Management Task Scheduling | Internal and External Messaging | Live Reports | eProjects performance has been enhanced.
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eInventory Control

   This is an ASP web application created to save revenue lost in basic business operations by monitoring incoming and outgoing assets. It is an access rights driven application controlled by an admin. Features include Purchase Order creation and approval. This can be exported to excel, word or a supplier. Also has employee, news,events and resource management. Includes internal messaging, currency and tax setup. Easy setup and customization. Upgraded to work with Task management system.
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Real Estate Online Website

   This real estate website has already been created for easy website setup. You can customize this entire website around your needs. You can add unlimited number of photo's to each listing and add features to it as well. ASP Version
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Web Organization Chart

   The Organization Chart program is an application used to create corporate organizational charts based on personnel database tables. In each organization, an HR table contains information on existing personnel. Organization Chart can connect to any HR table. You can define two fields as a child id, an employee id, or any other id contained in the table as the unique identifier of the record. For example, you can also use a parent id, supervisor id, or any other that identifies the supervisor of that particular individual. The Organization Chart program can also create tree format charts based on the table attached to it.
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Car Rental System

   Car Rental System is designed for a global car rental company that uses different suppliers in different countries. It takes customer from Quote stage to paying and booking stage. Complete with full administration.
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   CyberVoya is a web solution that provides extended capabilities to travel agencies to maximize and increase the productivity of their web site and their existence on the web. It offers the high-end capabilities typically found only in expensive custom solutions. This powerful yet easy-to-use web solution offers a range of features and functionality to build, design, and manage a sophisticated online travel web site.
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   eRequester is an elegant e-procurement application that streamlines business processes throughout your supply chain. eRequester is a complete procurement solution that enables ultimate control of the entire purchasing process, delivering rapid and quantifiable ROI. Using a web interface and server, eRequester integrates with accounting applications as a supply chain management module.
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Hotel Site

   ApPHP Hotel Site is a powerful hotel management and on-line reservation site script. This script is the fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday flats or guesthouse. Visitors of Hotel site will be able to search rooms availability with an online booking reservation system. They also could view rooms inventory, check availability, and book reservations in a real-time.
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