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Click-to-Call System by FlyingSpider

   Our click to call allows online customers to contact your company directly from your website. Its' very easy to use because there is no software to download. Online customers simply enters their telephone number and press a button to contact your company instantly. This push-button convenience gives the online customers more reasons to buy from you, and not your competitors. By adding our click to call system on your website, you are showing your online customers that you care about customer satisfaction. More importantly, once you get them on the telephone, you can easily close them with your sales process.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3
Online Messenger Service

   The online messenger service lets you see who is visiting your site right now. You can send that person a message with one click on the button. There is also a win32 bits client for it. Installation is very easy. Just add 8 lines of HTML to your site.
FreePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3
SMS Text Messenger

   This service will allow you send SMS text messages. This is a FREE service.
FreePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2

   Myowncam streams webcam images on the internet. Program is easy with install and use. With the software we host also free your cam with a own domain name. eg. (www.yourname.myowncam.nl)
FreePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
UniVoice Pro

   UniVoice Pro gives enterprise portals and community sites the ability to offer VoIP solution. UniVoice gives your users the ability to join a conference and talk in a community based environment. Users are able to attend a conference room with the opportunity to chat, voice and instant message each other. Users can also hold live chat session, either by voice or by integrated instant messaging. By being able to capture tone, inflection and expression, conversations become richer and more personal... breathing life into your online community!
CommercialPlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 3

   This service will allow you to send real time SMS messages to over 100 countries and 250 networks. SMS messages can be sent by purchasing credits from our fully automated website (once payment has been received you can start using your credits within a few minutes!) You can send Business card (Vcards), ring tones, logos, flash SMS (Type 1), blinking SMS. Various options are available free of charge, you can change the message orginator, set a delivery, set a notification alert so you know when the message has been delivered.
CommercialPlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3
RemindMe PHP/MySQL script

   This is a script that reminds you of something by sending an email to you on a specified date. Also it is a sort of CMS, letting you add pages, remove pages, add/remove text boxes on both sides!
CommercialPlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 3
BuddyCheck Script (AIM Status Script)

   Layout in header/footer PHP files. Main file ionCube encoded for script protection. Check the status of a user on AIM with this handy PHP script.
CommercialPlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 1
Branded SMS Gateway

   A Complete solution for your Mobile data. A SMS gateway branded with your logo setup as a sub-domain on your website with form based configuration. It includes full accounting and administration. Web panel contains Inbox, Sent Folder, Online registration, SMS alerts for received emails, online account details, full administration for sub accounts,Send SMS to 500+ networks worldwide, Receive SMS using Virtual numbers,Complete integrated phonebook with groups allows sending single or group message ring tones.logos, images, Unicode to send messages in non-english fonts or text short or long messages, VCards, Vcalanders, WAP Push,and a complete record of messages sent along with delivery reports SMPP 3.3 and 3.4 allows sending and receiving SMS from applications using standard SMPP protocol. HTTP Post/Get for posting and receiving SMS from applications Put it on your Website and resell SMS or use it as a closed Corporate SMS gateway. Simple 9 step configuration process setup in minutes!!
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
Digital Interactive SMS

   This new service will allow you to send SMS, Flash SMS, logos, ring tones, photo messages and translated messages into other languages direct from your website or application. Prices start from as little at 0.4p per message.
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2
Let your visitors send Free SMS.

   Yes, it is possible. Let your visitors send SMS to india from your website. Simply by adding few lines of javascript code to your webpage.
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3
Rad Inks MMS Composer

   The Rad Inks MMS composer is a hosted solution which allows your audience to send Multimedia Messages even without an MMS phone. The composer also includes a login/user admin area, a simple gallery manager
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 2
Free Customized Forum

   This is a free copy-and-paste forum service. You can customize and create your own forums. You don’t need any database or programming language support.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2
Live Support Chat - Live Site Monitoring

   Unlimited department/operator/campaign accounts. - Easy to use flash chat screens - Setup in your site, e-mail, auctions. - Chat with visitors for free. Upgrade for Pro features for a low fee w/ no additional costs. - Custom status icons, chat logo, online polls. - Free traffic reporting, support call reporting, chat logging. - UserWatch monitor allows you to view all visitors on your site and what page they are on. - Interact with them buy inviting them to chat with you! - Lots More... Give us a try!
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 4

   ConceptMonitor try to check regularly project homepage of useful freewares and open-source software products and provided a one stop shop to check the version of the latest stable release. The list of software project monitored currently is small, however anyone can contribute by requesting that a particular project is added to the list. Soon, users will also be able to register to be notify when a new version is available.
Plateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 1

   For freelancers: Are you a web designer? Do you work part-time as a freelancer or as a contractor? Do you provide web site design, graphic design, logo design, flash, database development, related services? Get a freelancer account at nyfreelancers to bid on jobs. No commision or project fee, bid now for free. For Buyers: Are you looking for an affordable cgi, php, asp freelancer's, designer or a contractor to work on your web design or programming job? Look no further - post your project for free and take control. Pick the most suitable bid and get the work done. It is Free.
Plateform(s): OtherUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
Select A Designer

   Select A Designer an online marketplace where buyers connect with creative talent.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 2
Listbid freelance marketplace

   LISTbid, the freelance job marketplace. The only freelance bidding site that is "Commission free", this means you can post jobs and bid on jobs without paying any commissions as a programmer or a webmaster. The only fees that Listbid currently charges are escrow fees for requested escrow "safe" funds. These fees cover the amounts charged to us by PayPal. In addition we are the only freelance bid site which allows both featured listings and featured bids for a small fee. If you are looking to get work done, we are one of the top linked freelance websites and get thousands of programmer views per day. Or if you are a programmer, we have a growing number of projects being posted here each day, select through the list and see what is available. We have also linked in projects that have been posted on other similar websites which are "paid" services in case you cannot find anything here that suits your needs. join LISTbid today, it's free and you will save money on commissions as well as join a growing new community.
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1

   Our Video-Communicator can be used to create a network of "people" (employees, customers, suppliers, students, friends and/or relatives... you name it) who will be able to make videoconferences with you and between them into your own password-protected web site. eZeMeetMes Video-Communicator can save you thousands of dollars each year and dramatically increase your productivity and improve your "people" communication efforts, specially if they are located at different locations (offices, buildings, cities or countries).
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 1

   Reliable reminder service offering email & cellphone reminders worldwide. Get any number of reminders up to 28 days before an event. Cellphone reminders sent at any five-minute slot in the day. Recurring events (similar to MS Outlook in scope). Multiple recipients (using a checkbox system to indicate who gets what reminder). Convenient web-based calendar.
Plateform(s): n/aUpdate: 11/14/200Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1
Select A Designer

   This is a script where the users can post their project on the website and the designers can bid for the project. The user can select designers to make designning process for the various process like multimedia, presentation of website, 3D graphics, graphic designs, web designs, advertisement and promotion etc. The selection process for designing is based on the users requirements. This system builds covalent relationship between the users and the designers.
freePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 2/15/2007Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3

   This is a online web cam hosting service for the users which supports functions like live supports, streaming web cam, live adult shows etc. This script can be integrated with any website. Online users cams are shown on the website. This program is a nice and useful utility for the webmasters and the users.
freePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 2/15/2007Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3

   ASP.NET DATING SCRIPT is a Windows compatible program that allows you to have your own dating site with no effort!
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 5/29/2007Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3
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