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Pivo INI Component

   INI component reads and writes Windows style INI files. It provides a comprehensive set of functions making INI files a powerful way to store application settings. There are three common ways to store program information on the hard disk: in the Windows registry, in INI files or in XML files. Using XML files is the preferred way to store initialization data in .NET (the registry is getting cluttered which makes it slow and INI files are much less flexible than XML files). However, if you're porting applications from older platforms to .NET, or if your data initialization file structure must be compatible with some other program, sometimes you're forced to use INI files. The Pivo INI component is a fully featured, easy to use implementation and it is written in 100% managed C# code.
FreePlateform(s): Linux,WindowUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 4
Text Encryptor HTTP Service

   This is the ultimate in data protection, and it's absolutely free. It is simple to use, and takes no more than a few seconds to get your data encrypted and ready for transmission to wherever it is headed. When you're ready to decrypt the data, just head back to this service page and use the form to decrypt your data back into a readable or usable format.
FreePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1
Web based Document Editing with Integrated Spell Checker

   Sometimes you don't have Microsoft Word or the comparable software available on your machine, but you'd still like to write professional documents and save them to a remote server. This software provides that solution. You can write and save documents online, spell check them using our fast proofreading software, and then move on to something else. When you're ready, your document will still be there, and you can download it, print it out, and you'll be all set!
FreePlateform(s): n/aUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 1
Password Protect

   Password Protect allows you to protect folders on your PC, network, or USB Key with a password. This is your ultimate solution to block out access to folders to unwanted users. Key Features: Folders remain protected in DOS, Windows Safe mode, and in other operating systems; passwords are not stored on your drive or in the Windows registry keys; you can protect unlimited number of folders and subfolders in the full version; support for USB external and removable drives.
FreePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 1

   VisualDrive is a web-based file storage application that allows users to store and share files securely, quickly and simultaneously via the web. Using VisualDrive, companies can provide secure, shared access to critical files and documents for their employees, customers and partners anytime, anywhere. VisualDrive makes project management and collaboration easier and quicker, saving time and money. VisualDrive enables affordable file and document management over the Internet, providing a platform-independent application that works with all commonly used Web servers and browsers. VisualDrive is a front-end application that runs entirely on the server and does not require any client side software or configurations.
FreePlateform(s): OtherUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 1
Sync2 file and data replication.

   enables the administator and user to easily replicate a Windows client or server to any server running rsync, the standard in cross-platform replication and mirroring.
FreePlateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 1

   Cork is a complete online file management system. It can perform all standard file processing like multiple uploads, deletes, compression, directories, mail attachments, and direct web to web file transfer. The system also supports many standard coommunity features like mail lists, announcement posts, discussions, and address books. Cork delivers a secure password protected enviroment that includes user administration, an array of user privileges, and any nested level of user accounts. File permissions and user privileges may be assigned individually in any directory. It works on all browsers.
FreePlateform(s): Window,FreeBSD,OtherUpdate: 10/9/2006Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1
Upload FTP with only a few clicks

   Upload FTP with only a few clicks is a useful tool for uploading a file to a directory with FTP with only a few clicks - instead of going through a cumbersome FTP application.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 2/6/2007 Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 2
Interacting with TinyPic from C#

   The following snippet will demonstrate how to interact with http://tinypic.com, an image mirroring service, directly from a C# application, using the WebRobot component available from http://foxtrot-xray.com/w eb-robot/
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 2/7/2007 Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1

   PonQUpload is a useful tool for uploading a file to a directory with FTP with only a few clicks - instead of going through a cumbersome FTP application.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 2/7/2007 Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 1
How to load file into memory using plain ANSI C language

   This C language article provides example of loading file (binary mode) into memory for later processing. Only standard libraries (stdio.h) are used, the source code is completly cross-platform.
Plateform(s): Linux,Window,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun SolorisUpdate: 2/7/2007 Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 3
FTP component 1.02

   FTP component version 1.2, the high-speed, rock-solid, reliable and efficient implementation of the FTP protocol. It offers the native ability to reliably send, receive and manipulate files FTP servers of many types.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 2/8/2007 Vistor Rating: 4Rating: 3
R-Excel Recovery

   R-Excel is a tool designed to recover corrupted Microsoft Excel Sheets. New improvements of file reconstruction technology IntelligentRebuild allow the users to reconstruct damaged *.xls files and to restore lost Excel sheets quickly and easily.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 2/8/2007 Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 4

   7-Zip is a Windows compatible file archiver with highest compression ratio. It offers the following features: self-extracting capability for 7z format, integration with Windows shell, plugin for FAR Manager, localizations for 40 languages and more.
Plateform(s): WindowUpdate: 6/16/2007Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 2
All About: File I/O in C++

   This tutorial starts with the very basis of File I/O (Input/Output) in C++ and goes on to the advance level. Includes many code examples.You need to have good understanding of C++, otherwise this tutorial will be unfamiliar and not useful to you!
FreewarePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 6/6/2008 Vistor Rating: 1Rating: 1
File Handling, C++ Programmer Tutorial

   File Handling is an useful article for all C++ programmers and beginners where the author has narrated on topics related to file manipulations using C++ language. The author has explained the readers on what is a file, file stream, stream classes and their hierarchy, buffer etc., You can gain knowledge on C++ functions that are used for handling file transfers, to read and write strings and objects. You will also come to know about the difference between binary and character files, how to transfer data from one file to the other etc.,
FreewarePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 6/6/2008 Vistor Rating: 3Rating: 1
Powerful Zip Compression Library for Visual C++ 6.0

   This library offers many enhanced features like encryption and compression of visual C++ files using standard formats. It has the capability to convert from zip to memory buffers or unzip from the memory buffers. Entire category or individual unique files are unzipped or zipped with this tool. It utilizes the standard Zip compression used by all main utility programs and also provides standard AES encryption features. This library can generate self extracting applications, add zip files into EXE directly, or access a previously integrated zip. This is a static library for the zip files and data compression for the visual C++ application.
FreewarePlateform(s): WindowUpdate: 6/6/2008 Vistor Rating: 2Rating: 1
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