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Ajax Wireframing Approaches

Last week we introduced the concept of prototyping as a solution to the problem of representing Ajax at the early stages of designing an interface. We talked about some general strategies and attitudes we should take when starting a project (like not being a hero and establishing good relationships with our programmers) and reviewed some fundamental XHTML and CSS skills we should have in our arsenal before beginning the prototyping process

Ajax Wireframing Visit Site
AJAX - The XMLHttpRequest Object

Before sending data to the server, we have to explain three important properties of the XMLHttpRequest object.

After a request to the server, we need a function that can receive the data that is returned by the server.

The onreadystatechange property stores the function that will process the response from a server. The following code defines an empty function and sets the onreadystatechange property at the same time:

XMLHttpRequest Object Visit Site
AJAX FAQ for the Java Developer

We have all had the chance to use AJAX now and as many of us are finding out a whole new world is now out there. While many developers will encounter AJAX via an existing framework, you may choose to dig deeper or provide functionality above and beyond what is provided. This FAQ is targeted for Java developer that would like to add AJAX functionality to an application.

Ajax FAQ Visit Site
Ajax for Designers

For some AJAX is marketing speak for something that has been around for years. For others, it is the salvation they have been looking for, for seemingly centuries. I would tell the former group that the latter group finally caught up, and you should revel in the growth of your new community and accept them with open arms. Snobbery really won’t help anyone.

Recently Jesse James Garrett from Adaptive Path wrote an article for the duo at Ok-Cancel called “Why AJAX Matters Now”. As usual Jesse is insightful and dead on about why AJAX has arrived. More aptly I would say that Jesse describes well why the world is now ready for
AJAX where earlier uses of the same technology had really no chance of taking off. Jesse does still speak of AJAX’s arrival in his article, and while it is not such an important distinction, I would like to correct him and say that AJAX (as our former group notes above) has been around for a while, and that other environmental variables have been put in place to make AJAX consumable.

Ajax for Designers Visit Site
XML element ordering

One significant benefit that E4X has is that it fully supports XML, including ordering. Many mappings from XML directly into language objects end-up only supporting a subset of XML semantics that matches normal object semantics -- thereby missing the ability to represent not only objects but also documents. While it isn't appropriate for this paper, a quick look at the specification will show that the built-in functions that E4X XML objects have allow the order of the XML to be carefully crafted.

XML Element Ordering Visit Site
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