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AppML is an open source initiative from W3Schools.

AppML uses AJAX technology.

  • AppML stands for Application Markup Language
  • AppML uses XML to describe Internet applications
  • AppML applications are self-describing
  • AppML is a declarative language
  • AppML is platform independent
  • AppML uses AJAX technology
  • AppML is an open source initiative from W3Schools
Ajax AppML Visit Site
Ext JS, the JavaScript framework with Ajax and UI Components

Ext JS is a JavaScript Library/Framework which works in conjunction with Prototype, YahooUI and jQuery. It’s probably the most exciting toolkit available for building web 2.0 websites right now. It’s jam packed with features, and is designed to make life much easier for building great UI in JavaScript.

I’ll not dig to deep right now, I suggest you check out the example and demos first to see what you think.

Below is a the script used to grab XML data via Ajax and populate a grid (sortable table like object):

Javascript Framework Visit Site
Ajax - Javascript on Steroids

When javascript was released, people loved all the cool things you could do with the web browser to make a more user-friendly experience. You could do form validation, quirky popup messages, make cool web tools and more. However, Javascript had no way of sending information between the web browser and the web server.

If you wanted to get any information from a database on the server, or send user information to a server-side script like PHP, you had to make an HTML form to GET or POST data to the server. The user would then have to click "Submit", wait for the server to respond, then a new page would load with the results. I'm sure we have all gotten slightly annoyed when having to wait for especially slow websites!

Javascript Storeid Visit Site
5 minutes AJAX Tutorial

Today I will talk a little bit about AJAX, you all have heard about new applications using AJAX technology, so what is AJAX:
AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a term describing a web development technique for creating interactive web applications using a combination of: * HTML (or XHTML) and Cascading Style Sheets for presenting information* Document Object Model, JavaScript to dynamically display and interact with the information presented* XML, XSLT and the XMLHttpRequest object to interchange and manipulate data asynchronously with the web server (although AJAX applications can use other technologies ... -- from
In a simple language, we are using server side technologies without refreshing the page, by the power of JavaScript and XML we connect to the server execute scripts then return the result to the browser.
Now we will leave the talk and see the script.

Ajax Tutorial Visit Site
Create AJAX Dynamic Drop Down List using PHP - xajax

Sometimes we want to create Parent Child related Drop Down list, for example in registration form. The related parent - child drop down list for example in State - Town, Products - Items etc. We want the child options refresh if the parent option changed, without reloading the page. So we face with AJAX application.

In PHP there is ajax framework, named xajax ( ) that can help us building ajax application easily.

Dynamic Drop Down Visit Site
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