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ASP.Net 2
ASP.NET Website Programming: Deploying the Site

ASP.NET Website Programming: Deploying the Site
The release of ASP.NET forces us to reconsider many preconceptions about the deployment of websites. For example, we need to get used to the possibility of running multiple copies of the same site on a single server, sharing different versions of identically named DLLs. Another thing that developers might find incredible is XCopy deployment, which allows a developer to deploy an application by simply copying files to the target location. There's no need to use the Registry or any complex COM registration.

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AdMentor.NET 3.02 is out

3.02 Contains bugfixes from 3.01. See more on 3.01 below BUG FIX: Updating banner does not write to database 3.01 While version 3.01 of AdMentor.NET is not a big release in the sense of ad management functionality (nothing really new functionality there a.., While version 3.01 of AdMentor.NET is not a big release in the sense of ad management functionality (nothing really new functionality there at all) it is in some other - more technical aspects.

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Creadirectory Link Indexing Solution

Creadirectory is a very powerful and highly customizable directory building solution. It allows you to build a fully branded, search engine friendly link indexing system similar to that of Yahoo! and Dmoz, but only at a fraction of their cost. Its features include: Adsense inclusion, Dynamic inclusion of Alexa imagess, Paypal integration, dynamic (.asp) or static (.html) URLs, Dynamic google sitemap generation, Unlimited number of categories and sub-categories, Unlimited number of listings, Customizable header and footer, Customizable colors, IP filtering system, Email configuration, Reciprocal link option.

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West Wind Web Store .NET

Need to build an e-Commerce Web application? Need focus on .NET developer support? Then you've come to the right place. With the West Wind Web Store we are providing you with a fully functional online shopping cart system with full ASP.NET and C# source code. You can use it as is, or customize the code for your specific business environment. Why reinvent the wheel for customer and order tracking, profile management, a flexible shopping cart, built-in support for credit card processing and flexible inventory management? Take advantage of the core work we've done and focus on the customizations that make your business and your store unique.

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