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ASP.Net 6
Select Survey .NET

Professional functionality at an extremely affordable price! Features 21 question types, advanced reporting, Excel data export, page conditions, answer piping, bulk user import, email invites, dynamic templates, and more! Full source code, free upgrades. SelectSurvey.NET, our just-released ground-up rewrite of our ASP survey software, is written in C# and includes full source code. Our .NET survey software offers all of the great features of SelectSurveyASP, the benefits and power of .NET technology, and a host of upcoming, highly requested, new features (see below).

Aspose.Form for .NET

Aspose.Form is a GUI based InfoPath management component that enables .NET web applications to fill & view InfoPath dynamic forms or templates without using Microsoft InfoPath and also supports to save Aspose.Form data as XML & InfoPath XML too. InfoPath controls for Plain & Rich Text, DataPicker, DatePicker, CheckBox, Button, Linkedimagess, RepeatingTables, ListBox, Section, BulletedList, RepeatingSection are also supported and fully featured demos in C# and VB.NET are provided as well.

The asp:checkbox and asp:checkboxlist control

Checkboxes are similar to radio buttons, and in HTML, they were used to allow multiple choices from a group of buttons. With the <asp:checkboxlist> control it is possible to create them in groups, but unlike radio buttons, it isn't possible to restrict the user to selecting just one possible answer from a group of checkboxes: they can select as many as they like. The other fundamental difference between a checkbox and a radio button is that once you have selected a checkbox you are able to deselect it by clicking on it again.

Cached HTTP Request ASP.NET Sample Code

It's not uncommon these days for your web site to include lots of different types of information from lots of different sources. If it's not already, one of these sources will probably soon be a remote web server. While this type of information exchange can be a valuable asset, it can also be quite a bottleneck.

I simply can't overstate the importance of caching this type of data. All but the most volatile data can be cached for at least a few minutes and you may be surprised just how much of a difference caching for even those few minutes can make.

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