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Interview Questions
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How to place a redirection page at the document root.

This technique works with ColdFusion 4.5.X, but it does not work with ColdFusion 5.0. In ColdFusion 5.0, ClusterCATS uses an enhanced means of maintaining session-awareness. For ColdFusion 5.0, the recommended solution is to either provide a link on a customized error URL page as illustrated in the first part of the article, or operate using the server-monitoring agent rather than clustering.

Dynamically Naming Variables

Sometimes we may need to create new variable names on the go based on the value of other variables. This is generally rare, and beginners will probably never see a reason for this, but it's good to know what you can do, before you have to do it. Also notice that quotes are not required for variable values that are numbers, or other variable names. Many people would do this as <cfset "variables.#var1#" = 123>, which works, sure, but is not following best practices creates harder to read code. The bracket notation is a way to set and read values of structures and arrays. The VARIABLES scope (and the other scopes) is a structure and can be treated as a such when needed.

ColdFusion Consultant needed in Fairfield Co

We are seeking a Web developer who will play a key role in the technical architecture and implementation of client projects from discovery to completion. Responsibilities involve designing, developing, implementing and maintaining the company's web site and all other web enabled applications. Technologies utilized are Cold Fusion, PHP, Java Script, Apache and Transact-SQL in a Microsoft SQL Server Environment. The company is planning to migrate to a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) therefore candidates with the right skills will be a pivotal part of this migration.

Coldfusion MX J2EE Configuration on Apache in Windows

I am wondering if anybody has any good and reliable links which show a step-by-step process on how to Install and configure ColdFusion MX 6 or 7 on a Windows Machine running an Apache webserver. I tried installing MX J2EE version. I was able to launch JRUN and see the cfusion service running, and my apache configuration file, had the appropriate information in it.

Creating CFMX DSN programmatically

This tutorial is going to attempt to show you how to create a DSN using only Coldfusion. CFMX 7 has provided a set of CFCs that allow you to manage virtually all aspects of the coldfusion server by code rather than the browser interface. This functionality is official, and supported, but not very well documented, and still little known to many developers.

The CFC we will be looking at is the datasouce.cfc. It provides the functionality to delete, set update and verify Coldfusion Data sources. It can do a few other things too.

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