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Using Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports' is a popular third party package that is included with Visual Basic, which allows you to create reports for your application. The package consists of a designer - where you can design and test the reports, Crystal Reports API calls and Crystal Reports control.<
Note: Crystal Reports is shipped and installed as part of the VB installation package except in VB6. This can be found in \common\tools\crysrep double click on crystl32.exe to install.

Getting Started With Crystal Reports 8.5

To quote Mr. T, I pity the fool...the fool that gets stuck having to build a new, parameter-driven Crystal Reports 8.5 web report without having had any formal training. If you poke around the web, you can find lots of tutorials that will cheerfully walk you through the steps required to build a report using Crystal's included report wizard. But assuming you're not a total idiot, and you know what the 'Next' button is for, you don't really need a tutorial to run ANY wizard, including Crystal's report wizard. Hence, I found those cheerful tutorials to be cheerfully useless to me when I learned that my formally-trained Crystal Reports staffer would be leaving the company and I needed to get up to speed on Crystal Reports 8.5 - fast!

CrystalReportViewer Object Model Tutorials

The tutorials in this section use methods and properties from the CrystalReportViewer class and classes of the CrystalDecisions.Shared namespace.

Note   If you wish to reference the CrystalReportViewer object model diagram while working through these tutorials, see Object Model Diagram

Crystal Reports XI report design process

Microsoft Visual Basic Net Crystal Report: Access your data, format it, and deliver it as information inside and outside your organization - with the latest version of Crystal Reports, the world's leading reporting tool.

Benefits of Crystal Reports

Use the programming language of your choice and access the Crystal Report Designer from any project.
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET provides two report viewers with which you can view your report in your application: use the Web Forms Viewer for Web applications and the Windows Forms Viewer for Windows applications.
Once you choose your development framework, Crystal Reports provides you with the report viewer appropriate to both your application and your development language. These report viewers are also customizable in that you can change the appearance and the available options of the toolbar.

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