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Using Crystal Reports in VB

When you have designed your report, the saved file should have an extension .rpt. You can use this report with the Crystal Report control to display or print your report in a VB application.

Note:Check the crystal report help files for the files you need to distribute with the control. You will also need any .rpt files that you have created

You will have to add the Crystal Report control to the toolbox, this is done by going to the Project menu and selecting Components, then looking down the list for the control and clicking on it

Setting Designer Defaults

When working with reports, there are certain aspects that you want to be the same for every report. For example, you might like to have report objects snap to the grid so that it’s easier to line up objects next to each other. Crystal Reports lets you set certain properties of the report designer so that they are the same for all reports. The primary areas of the designer that you can control are the design area and the formatting properties of certain fields. To change these defaults select the menu items File | Options. It shows the Options dialog box in Figure 2-1.

Crystal Reports 8 Online Training

Crystal reports training courses are designed to take you from beginner to skilled user with 27 hours of intensive training.

Learn to get the full benefit from Crystal Reports 8. Learn to design and build reports with ease. Watch your performance level increase and stress level decrease as we teach you how to get the most from your crystal reports software.

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Dashboards And Data Visualization

Recently added to the Business Objects BI tool set, Crystal Xcelsius, is a stand-alone Windows application, designed to create interactive dashboards. Crystal Xcelsius uses a point-and-click interface that lets you create dashboards and visual business models from Crystal reports, personal spreadsheets, webservices or corporate data, and easily distribute them via PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, PDF, and the web (as flash SWF files). For developers, the resulting dashboards can be integrated with webservices, passed runtime parameters via http or FS commands inside Flash, to provide high-fidelity dashboard presentation layers.
Crystal Vision is an integrated reporting and dashboard suite designed to provide a clear picture of organizational business performance. Two solutions are available: Crystal Vision for individual use on the desktop and Crystal Vision Server for small to mid-sized organizations. The Crystal Vision suite includes: Crystal Xcelsius Pro, Crystal Reports Pro and Live Office. And Crystal Vision Server includes: Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup, Crystal Reports Server and Live Office.

Benefits of Crystal Reports

Use the programming language of your choice and access the Crystal Report Designer from any project.
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET provides two report viewers with which you can view your report in your application: use the Web Forms Viewer for Web applications and the Windows Forms Viewer for Windows applications.
Once you choose your development framework, Crystal Reports provides you with the report viewer appropriate to both your application and your development language. These report viewers are also customizable in that you can change the appearance and the available options of the toolbar.
Initialize properties of the Web Forms Viewer and the Windows Forms Viewer at design time. Or, set up your Web Forms Viewer or Windows Forms Viewer to interact with other controls at runtime. With runtime customization, users can view different reports, or change the format, data selection, or export options of an existing report.
The Report Object Model exposed by the Report Engine allows you to add code to the source file of the Windows Forms page to enable the Windows Forms Viewer control to interact with other controls in the same page.
For example, the Windows Forms control can interact with a button or combo box to provide users with export and report formatting options.

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