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Interview Questions
Dreamweaver 13
Dreamweaver MX: Creating Pop Up Windows from Images

Objectives: To create pop up windows from an image link using the Open Browser Window behavior in Dreamweaver MX
Tools & Techniques: Behaviors, Open Browser Window, JavaScript, Pop up windows

In this lesson you'll learn to launch a new window from an image link. This site relies on using text links to pop open browser windows of specific sizes and attributes.

Dreamweaver Fever

Part of the remit of the WaSP Dreamweaver Task Force (of which I'm a member) is to work with the online Dreamweaver community to encourage and assist in the adoption of web standards. Whilst a lot of our effort has been to work alongside Macromedia to help shape the support for standards within the Dreamweaver product line (after all, there’s no point us tell you guys to use standards if the tool makes it hard to do so), there are some things it’s not reasonable to expect the Dreamweaver engineers to tackle right away.

One such example is Microformats. As a rapidly evolving area of development, it makes more sense for support for Microformats to be implemented as a Dreamweaver Extension. So that’s what we have done.

Defining a Site in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a tool to create websites. So the first thing you have to do is define a site. This helps Dreamweaver to organize the files used in this site.

Step 1

Create a folder on your hard disk and name it. You can copy in a few images or files if you want.

Step 2

Click on Site>Manage Sites>New. The following window will appear where you can enter the site details under the category Local Info.

Dreamweaver Behaviors

Use the Dreamweaver behaviors panel to create jump menus, swap images, pop-up windows, play sound, validate forms and more. Dreamweaver behaviors make it easy to add interactivity to your site. Try out all the cool stuff possible using Dreamweaver behaviors.

What are behaviors?

Behaviors allow visitors to interact with a Web page to change the page in different ways. While using behaviors you need to specify the action and also the event that triggers that action.

Learn how to create a jump menu in Dreamweaver

  1. First you have to create a List/Menu in a form. Click on Insert/Form and then click on Insert/List Menu.
  2. Open the behaviors panel by clicking on Windows/Behaviors.
  3. Select the list menu and Click on the '+' symbol in the behaviors panel.
  4. Click on 'Jump Menu'
  5. In the 'jump Menu' pop-up-window enter the text and the URL for your links. To add a new link click on the '+' and to delete a link click on the '-'
  6. Click on OK.

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