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Interview Questions
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Dreamweaver 2

Learning Dreamweaver 4

Course: Learning Dreamweaver 4. WhereWasI?™. - CHAPTER LINKS-. • Table of Contents • HTML Introduction • The Dreamweaver Environment • Site Management •The Anatomy of an HTML Document Page Properties •Character Formatting •Lists Anchors and URLs •Images and Image Maps •Tables •Frames •Forms •Special Elements, Plug-ins, and the Assets panel •Cascading Style Sheets and HTML Styles •Behaviors and JavaScript •The Website Development Cycle •Site Management •Prefrences
Complete Guide
This is my complete guide, which teaches you from the scratch onCGI script installation. I have decided to write this complete guide after the success of my first article 'CGI installation help!' in the year 1999. Since technology has changed a lot over these years I have done the necessary updation and changed and added more new technical information that is needed to give you to understand further. I have covered with some case studies and installation guide for NT servers

Free Dreamweaver Scripts

There are number of free and low cost ASP scripts are available in the market which can make your site dynamic and can hold your data on a database. My aim in this article is to give the basic and necessary knowledge on ASP script customization and basics on databases even for a non-programmer. -Benny Alexander

I prerequisites
1. Know thy Basics!
2. Environment you need.
3. Databases - Some Concepts.
4. Downloading and unzipping
5. Preparing the Web server

II Action steps
6. FTP - How to?
7. Setting up the Database
8. DSN and DSN less connections
9. Setting up the scripts and customizing
10.Using Templates - getting the look and feel

Learn how to use Dreamweaver

Learn how to use Dreamweaver Behaviors to Play Sound in 2 quick steps

  1. The first step is to create a link for the sound to be played on Rollover or on Click. You can make a simple text link with the '#' symbol.
  2. The next step is to add a behavior to the link. Open the Behaviors panel by clicking on Windows/Behaviors and click on the '+' symbol in the Behaviors Panel. Click on 'Play Sound'. Browse to find the sound you want to play and click on OK.

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