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Interview Questions
Dreamweaver 6
Dreamweaver Behaviors
Dreamweaver Behaviors are prepackaged JavaScript programs that let you easily add interactivity to your web pages. The generated code may be a little longer then what you may write on your own, but it is important to keep in mind that Macromedia engineers used their vast knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and Web Browsers to create code that is cross-browser compatible. This compatibility may lead to larger files, but it also assures your web pages will work for wider audience.
Validating Code in Dreamweaver MX 2004
Many of the tasks you perform in Dreamweaver have keyboard shortcuts that help decrease your production time and increase your efficiencyIn Dreamweaver, you can specify preferences for the validator. One preference you could specify is which markup languages the validator should compare against if your web document does not contain a DTD. You can also specify the type of the information that appears in the results panel and specify whether the validator engine should check for quotes and entities in your documents. Watch the following RoboDemo demonstration on setting your validator preferences.
The Dreamweaver Template
A Template is basically a structure used commonly for many items (pages in a web site in our context). A Dreamweaver Template is a common structure created and used for all or some pages of a web site using the Macromedia Dreamweaver (now Adobe) tool. There can be any number of dreamweaver templates for a web site. That is, each section of a web site can have its own template with variations in structure or color from the others.
Dreamweaver 8 In Pictures
Need a quick reminder of how to do something with Dreamweaver?This tutorial helps beginners learn the basics of creating Web sites with Adobe Dreamweaver 8.

Dreamweaver Basics
Navigation & Layout
Advanced Layout

Dreamweaver video tutorials
Welcome to our free dreamweaver tutorial video's, we hope that you enjoy your time with us. The Dreamweaver 8 video tutorials are designed to show you the basics and tools needed to create your own web page or update your skill set in this new version. Video-tutes Dreamweaver tutorial videos can show you how to embed video files, add sounds and interactivity into your web project.

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