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Interview Questions
Dreamweaver 9
Opening Dreamweaver
One look on opening Dreamweaver finds a collection of buttons, toolbars, and menus that help Web authors enter page elements such as text, images, and links. You will see the following four items: Menu bar, Tool Options bar, Property inspector, and Launcher bar. You will learn how to use these tools in this teaching reference.Click on any of the words on this bar to see a menu of options in that category. Some categories such as File and Edit, used for saving files and to copy and paste text, are found in most programs. Other categories offer options more specific to Dreamweaver.
Dreamweaver Extensions for a shopping cart
Are you looking for a shopping cart that works well with Macromedia Dreamweaver®? Look no further. ProductCart includes free, useful Dreamweaver extensions that can help you quickly integrate any Web site with our shopping cart software.The Dreamweaver extension for ProductCart v3 and above is called ProductCart Suite. It consolidates the two extensions used with earlier versions of ProductCart.
Dreamweaver's site management
Dreamweaver's site management features are very powerful. However, in order to take advantage of the features, you must first define a site. This document describes how to define a local site only.Before working with your site files collectively, you must first specify the location of your files. This process is called defining a site. The following instructions will explain this process. If you work on multiple computers, this process will need to be repeated on each computer.
Dreamweaver Extensions
Extensions allow you to add new features and capabilities to Dreamweaver. Extensions extend Dreamweaver's abilities, so you can extend yours to do more with Dreamweaver. Project Seven has been leading the way in Dreamweaver Extension development since 1998 - with over 40 free and commercial extensions to make your job easier. PVII Extensions are thoroughly tested and our support and online communities are without peer.
Dreamweaver Lounge
Sure tastes good. That's the feeling you get after extending your copy of Dreamweaver with an extension from the Dreamweaver Lounge. Looking for an object for that special occasion? Need to show off your skills to the new boss with a cool new behaviour? Look no further because the Dreamweaver Lounge is the answer to all your problems. Remember you can send me feedback on your thoughts on the lounge, plus any crazy ideas for future extensions.

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