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Domain Name Registration 4
Domain Transfers Now
At QualiSpace we provide Domain Name Registration (Web Address). For having web presence, every company requires domain name in its own name like QualiSpace has domain name www.qualispace.com Domain name registration is done for a minimum period of one Year and, maximum for ten years. At QualiSpace, we provide multiple domain name registration of .com/.net/.org/.biz/.info/.us/.name/.in/.co.in/.firm.in etc. Domain name provides you, your own online identity. We register your Domain at white labeled Domain Name Registrar - OwnRegistrar an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar.
Domain registration services is probably the most serious yet most misunderstood subject on the Internet.
On Internet, you are your domain name.
For example, Yahoo.Com - the domain itself is worth millions of dollars.
Or recently www.business.com - only domain name was sold for US $ 7.5 million and www.creditcards.com was sold for US $ 2.75 million.
Most people fail to realize that the domain name is an extremely valuable asset. It is important that this valuable digital asset should be handled with care and should be entrusted to company having a reliable and consistent track-record.
What is Domain Name Parking?

Even if you're not ready to post your Web site on the Internet, you can still register and reserve your Domain Name with Net4Domains Domain Parking facility free of charge.

Your Domain Name without its associated web space is parked on a machine for as long as you do not decide to host a website with it.


In the ever-growing Internet arena, domain booking has become a very important move for any business organization that wants to flourish. Most of the people feel that having their own domain name is an expense & it takes more knowledge to process the same. But it is actually very simple and the more you delay registering your domain name, the more your business is going to suffer.

Domain name registration in India has become very crucial as more and more people are becoming aware of its importance and are not ready to settle for anything less than the name they have in mind. When you register a domain name, it not only reflects your business, it also provides you with a platform on which to build your relationship with your customers. Here are some guidelines that you can keep in mind while selecting the name.

DNR…Points to Remember
Domain name registration is the first step in launching an online business. It is the name of your business, your identification mark, as the total web address is your online contact address. Hence domain name choice should involve in depth market research and business knowledge. Ironically, domain name seems to be an easiest task for online business, but it has to be effective and should influence the target audience. A well chosen domain name can foster your business in various ways one of them is by increasing search engine traffic. Domain name registration is a vital work while setting up a new business, so here in this article you can find several guidelines to consider while choosing an appropriate domain name.
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