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What Is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce simply means selling over the Internet — goods, services, information, whatever. Such businesses began in 1995 and are expected by 2007 to generate sales in the USA of $ 105 billion. Yes, that's $105,000,000,000 in the USA alone.

How do you get your share of the action? Easy. You create a website that promotes your products, obtain an Internet address, hire space on a web-hosting company, upload your pages, add a payment system and then use various promotion services to get your site noticed.

How to sell products and services on the Internet

Selling products and services over the Internet is not difficult, and can be extremely rewarding. Experts see online retail sales in the U.S. passing $120 billion in 2005. Forrester Research expects e-commerce sales to grow to 8% of total retail sales in 2008, up from around 3% in 2004. Online sales can be a very important part of your company's total sales.

You might be wondering what exactly is needed to sell products on the Internet. Here is some information on how to get started.

Online e-Commerce Courses
The terms "e-business" and "e-commerce" are used interchangeably to refer to the buying and selling of products or services online. Given the ease, convenience, and variety that come with e-commerce, more and more consumers and producers are ditching traditional brick-and-mortar shopping in favor of online business. Instead of being limited to stores in a given neighborhood, it's now possible to find vendors or consumers on the other side of the globe. But this also means that competition for pricing, selection, and delivery is much higher. As such, a good education in e-commerce is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to get involved in buying and selling online.
Open Source OS Commerce (OSC) Shopping Cart

eCommerce platforms are being commoditized. Enterprise level solutions are coming down in price and new open source solutions are being made available to anyone with an internet connection for free.

The most robust of these open source solutions is OS Commerce (OSC) ? a community driven eCommerce solution that is flexible, scalable, and user friendly. As eCommerce becomes even more a part of mainstream retail, OSC will provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the functionality and capabilities of the big boys. This brief examines some of the advantages of OS Commerce and provides insights into how it can help your business.

Building the Website

You'll be familiar with websites — collections of HMTL pages grouped around some URL like http://www.companyname.com. Websites can be very ambitious, with stunning graphics, animation, sound, database search systems, customer recognition and a good many other features. But they don't need to be. Many successful ecommerce sites are half a dozen pages extolling the virtues of the product. More can be less, and 'wow' sites will only hinder customers getting to your products, and make promotion more difficult.

But your site still needs to look professional. How do you create something convincing? You can

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