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In the last three years, the importance of this relatively new marketing medium has increased significantly for web site owners and its designers. To overlook the significance of this evolution could leave money on the table for many industries dependent on web-based marketing - the hotel industry, among others.
Allowing customers to access information quickly and seamlessly in this fast-paced world is crucial to securing future business. The competition is intense and having a presence on the web is critical, especially if you are niche marketing. Establishing your website's current search engine positions is the first step.
Hotel Marketing’s Newest Ally

The internet is one of the most powerful medium ever created. As a marketing tool it’s just as effective. Now, is it any wonder why it had recently become hotel marketing’s newest ally. More and more people are turning to the Internet to attend to their accommodation needs. Record shows that in 2004, more than 16% of all profits in hospitality were driven from the Internet. Meanwhile, experts believed that in two years that number will climb up to 24%.

Jupiter Research, a company that provides researches, analyses and advices to might help companies benefit from the influence of the Internet as well as new consumer technologies on their respective business, had shared their insight on the same subject. Jupiter claimed that the size of profits, which can be reaped from the online hospitality market, may very well reach $10 billion in two year’s time.

Hotel Hotline

Hotel Hotline operates the fastest growing hotel reservation network online. Through our premier internet destinations and hundreds of affiliate sites, Hotel Hotline is positioned to help you move more inventory, with greater pricing and allotment flexibility.

  • Modify room rates, both down and up
  • Adjust allotments to give additional inventory, or remove inventory
  • Modify property description, pictures, and policies
  • View statistical data to monitor the performance of your property
  • Online Hotel Marketing

    Our services address some of the growing concerns in the online sector of the hospitality industry.  Primarily, by delivering travelers directly to each hotel's home page, we provide an ideal vehicle towards independence from the hassles and headaches of online "discount" sites.  By linking directly to your site we:

  • Maintain your pricing integrity
  • Provide you an efficient and effective tool in the industry's movement away from discount and auction sites.
  • Strengthen your brand awareness and confidence.
  • Harness the power of your existing website and booking engine.
  • Do not require separate inventory, allotments or ongoing maintenance.
  • Provide you highly targeted leads - travelers looking for a hotel in your city.
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