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Interview Questions
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  What is the difference between Server.Transfer and response.redirect ?
Server.Transfer is used when redirecting the webpage with in the same application whereas Response. Redirect is applicable towards the redirection of webpage between 2 applications.
Response.Redirect will instruct browser to call a particular webpage. This will increase one request and one response between the client and server.
Response.Redirect = Redirects the user to a different URL Server.Transfer= Sends (transfers) all the information created in one ASP file to a second ASP file.
  How many types of cookies are available in asp?

There are 2 types of cookies
Persistent and Non-persistent
There is two type of cookies in asp temperory(User Define) and permanent (Like Session )
Persistent cookies are stored on your computer hard disk. They stay on your hard disk and can be accessed by web servers until they are deleted or have expired. Persistent cookies are not affected by your browser setting that deletes temporary files when you close your browser. Non-persistent cookies are saved only while your web browser is running. They can be used by a web server only until you close your browser. They are not saved on your disk. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 can be configured to accept non-persistent cookies but reject persistent cookies.

  Name the ASP Objects?

1. Session Object
2. Application Object
3. Server Object
4. Request Object
5. Response Object
6. Object Context
7. Error Object
8. Session Object
9. Application Object
10. Server Object
11. Request Object
12. Response Object
13. Error Object

  What is the maximum size of an array?

Depends on your pc's memory size.

  Arrays can be resized by using the keyword REDIM

Yes, we can resize using the word redim
You can able to resize the array.

Redim a(100)

  How are sessions maintained?

The browser sends a cookie to the server with each request
Creating a unique cookie for each user.

  How to Display images using Response object?


  What is the Order of precedence for ARITHMETIC Operators ^, -(negation), *or /, , mod, + or –

^, mod, *or /, -(negation), + or - right!

  How to include Active x controls in ASP code?

you can include Activex Control using OBJECT tag.
Syntax for including Activex control is ..


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