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Interview Questions

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  What is the extension with which the CFML gets saved in files?

 It is .cfm

  Whats the difference bt. .dll extension and .exe extension files?

 The main difference between .dll and .exe is
DLL : It is an inprocess server and runs in the same memory space as client application. Problem with dll is if any error comes in dll, whole application gets crashed.
Exe : It is an out of process server and rus as independent application in seperate memory. If error comes in exe, it does not affact the client application.

  Can a file other than a .h file be included with #include?

 The preprocessor will include whatever file you specify in your #include statement. Therefore, if you have the line
in your program, the file macros.inc will be included in your precompiled program. It is, however, unusual programming practice to put any file that does not have a .h or .hpp extension in an #include statement. You should always put a .h extension on any of your C files you are going to include. This method makes it easier for you and others to identify which files are being used for preprocessing purposes. For instance, someone modifying or debugging your program might not know to look at the macros.inc file for macro definitions. That person might try in vain by searching all files with .h extensions and come up empty. If your file had been named macros.h, the search would have included the macros.h file, and the searcher would have been able to see what macros you defined in it.

  Which TSL function you will use to compare two files?

 We can compare 2 files in WinRunner using the file_compare function. Syntax: file_compare (file1, file2 [, save file]);

  What is the difference between page = ... > and <%@ include file = ... >?

  Both the tag includes the information from one page in another. The differences are as follows:
: This is like a function call from one jsp to another jsp. It is executed ( the included page is executed and the generated html content is included in the content of calling jsp) each time the client page is accessed by the client. This approach is useful to for modularizing the web application. If the included file changed then the new content will be included in the output.
<%@ include file = ... >: In this case the content of the included file is textually embedded in the page that have <%@ include file=".."> directive. In this case in the included file changes, the changed content will not included in the output. This approach is used when the code from one jsp file required to include in multiple jsp files.

 What is the importance of header files?

  The main role of header file is it is used to share information among various files. To put it brief, if we have several functions say 4 functions named as f1, f2, f3, f4 placed in file say sample.c and if all the functions want to get accessed each other all must be placed in the same file sample.c.
we r using numerous predefined c functions like,printfsqrtscanfgetchmallocFILENULLif strcmp etc, these functions coding,prototype,execution are defined and categorized and stored in different files while we user while programing we use this functions which makes our programming very easy.

  What is the difference between #include and #include "file"?

 The main difference is:
#include searches the file in the specified list of directories while,
#include"file" searches the file in the current working directory as wel as in the specified list of directories.

  Is it acceptable to declare/define a variable in a C header?

  A variable can be declare/define in a C Header without any kind of compilational/ logical errors. But it is against the coding specifications and it is not normally practiced. If proper Multiple inclusion protection macro is used, then there will be no problem even the header is included in many .c files. In this case, no problem with multiple instances of the same variable due to header file multi inclusion in many .c/.h files


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