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Interview Questions

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  What is a hash?

  Hash/Associative array is the one in which all the values are stored in terms of keys and values.
  i.e., the values are indexed with the help of keys. You cannot get back the values in a correct order as it happens in normal array. because in this values are stored in random positions. The only way to get in a correct order is to sort that array.
ex: %hash = {"Name","Raghav","Age","26"}; $hash{'Name'} will give "Raghav" $hash{'Age'} will give "26"

  What purpose does each of the following serve: -w, strict, -T?

 -w enables the warnings mode in perl
 -T is enables the Taint mode it performs some checks how
  your program is using the data passed to it
 -w, -T,-d, -D are called the command line switches

  Explain the difference between use and require?

  Use :
  1.The method is used only for the modules(only to include .pm type file)
  2.The included objects are varified at the time of compilation.
  3.No Need to give file extension.
  1.The method is used for both libraries and modules.
  2.The included objects are varified at the run time.
  3.Need to give file Extension.

  What does the command "use strict" do and why should you use it?

 "Use strict" is one of the pragma used for checking the variable scope and syntax. If you use this pragma means, you need to specify the scope (my, local, our) for the variable and use the exact usage of operators. For eg. Checking equality $number = 1 and $char eq 'a'.

  What are the characteristics of a project that is well suited to Perl?

 Here are my views
  1.The Project should be an internal client but not mandatory
  2.Minimal number of users can hit because of performance issues
  3.If the Project is dealing with many number of emails sending   4.To develop faster and kick it off

  When would you not use Perl for a project?

 1. When you are developing an application for a real time system in which processing speed is of utmost importnace.
When to use Perl
 1. For large text processing
 2. When application does lot of data manipulation
 3. When you need fast development
 4. For database loading operations
 5. When shell scrits grow to become libraries

  What is the Common Gateway Interface?

 The Common Gateway Interface is a standard for communication between Web servers and external programs.

  Explain the difference between my and local?

 The variables declared with "my" can live only within the block it was defined and cannot get its visibility inherited functions called within that block, but one defined with "local" can live within the block and have its visibility in the functions called within that block.


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