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Hotel Marketing 1
 What is Hotel Marketing Association?

The Hotel Marketing Association is the official branch of the Chartered Institute of Marketing specifically for the hotel industry. The HMA is supported by many of the hotel companies in the UK and its membership comprises, sales, marketing and operations personnel from small and large hotels and companies alike. The one thing our members all have in common is a desire to learn more about hotel marketing. We exist to provide education in hotel marketing, to raise the standard of hotel marketing and to endorse good marketing practise. We also provide an opportunity for members to network with others from the industry and share ideas and opinions.

 Why would a hotel need to use both Hotelligence and FuturePACE?

FuturePACE gives hoteliers the ability to make decisions regarding pricing, availability, and marketing in a proactive way that will increase the revenue that a hotel will see in the short term.  Without this information, a hotel may not be maximizing the opportunity for revenue because of a poor pricing strategy or unsound marketing plan.

While using the FuturePACE data to impact future revenue, Hotelligence gives the hotelier the ability to track and monitor the success of decisions made using the FuturePACE report.  In addition, using Hotelligence and FuturePACE together allows hoteliers to learn from historical booking patterns and understand new dynamics as they present themselves.

 What are the most important things to remember when selecting your market intelligence report competitive set?

Some of the factors to consider when selecting a competitive set include average daily rate of potential competitors, geographical proximity of potential competitors, star rating, and positioning within the market (convention hotel, business hotel, resort hotel).

It is not recommended that a hotel include more competitors than truly make up their competitive set just to see increased performance. Doing this will devalue the information and the user of the report will not be able to identify valid market opportunities.

 How many room types should I have available?

Most consumers when confronted with too many choices will become confused, frustrated and will abandon the purchase. Many hotels with a broad room offering, experience very low conversions on the web and an unusual high call volume. You should consider bracketing your multiple room types into a manageable number, such as five or six. Consider similarities, such as the number of beds (room capacity), location, or rates and regroup your room types. Another suggestion is to create specific web pages addressing specific room types (e.g. one page for cabanas and villas, another page for guest rooms) and from those pages, jump to a specific booking engine merchandising those specific room types.

 How do I know when I need an interface between my CRS and PMS?

An interface between both systems provides the hotel with many advantages, however its acquisition and implementation need to be considered in the same way you consider any capital expense at a property. Some issues that might indicate to you that an interface is needed include:

    1. The level of reservations being delivered from your CRS is such that your reservations team is spending most of the day entering those reservations manually into the PMS,

    2. You are experiencing errors in the way reservations are being manually entered into the PMS,

    3. Your reservations team is limited in size or is non-existent,

    4. Your CRS is delivering reservations over the weekend (or at night) and there is no one available to capture the e-mails/faxes being sent to enter them in the PMS. Guests are arriving early in the morning with confirmed reservations that cannot be found in the PMS,

    5. And lastly, you want a system that is fully integrated to achieve a peace of mind, as well as efficiency and accuracy.
 What is the hotel e-Marketing strategy?

The objective of an hotel e-Marketing Strategy is to create a sustainable competitive advantage and improve performance by capitalizing on technology and enterprise resources. The hotel e-Marketing Strategy is essential to good business and a companies overall E-Business model. According to Wilder (1999), �Many companies are struggling with the most basic problem: What's the best E-business model? They're experimenting with different formulas. Some are incorporating E-business throughout the organization. Some are creating E-business subsidiaries, then spinning them off as separate online entities. Others are investing in or merging with Internet startups. Some are even moving their businesses entirely to the Web.�
�hotel e-Marketing tools and processes allow firms to deliver on the marketing concept to individual consumers in ways that could rarely be achieved in the past.

 What makes a good Hotel Manager? What is your day like?

It takes a person that has an inner positive energy, and the ability to share and produce that energy in the staff that he/she is supervising. A good manager makes the job fun, exciting, and full of opportunity for all involved.
Average day? 90% dealing with employees, guests, and prospective guests, including corporate clientèle and group management. 10% administrative tasks such as AP/AR, payroll, etc.

 What is you favorite part of the job? How many and what times are the shifts at the front desk?

My favorite part of my job is that I have the freedom to positively impact as many lives as I desire.
Shifts run 7-3, 3-11, and 11-7. Sometimes I work the desk alone, or other times, with another person. 3-11 shifts can have 2 ppl, depending on our occupancy.


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