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Interview Questions
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Batch File Shell

Many utilitities can benefit from a shell code routine that allows running over a complete directory or a file subset (batch mode).

Command line wildcard file (aka glob) constructs are automatically expanded at runtime and passed to programs as command line arguments. Careful attention must be given here! wildcard.java shows how to handle command line wildcard expansion.

What Is an Object?

An object is a software bundle of related state and behavior. Software objects are often used to model the real-world objects that you find in everyday life. This lesson explains how state and behavior are represented within an object, introduces the concept of data encapsulation, and explains the benefits of designing your software in this manner.

What Is Inheritance?

Different kinds of objects often have a certain amount in common with each other. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and tandem bikes, for example, all share the characteristics of bicycles (current speed, current pedal cadence, current gear). Yet each also defines additional features that make them different: tandem bicycles have two seats and two sets of handlebars; road bikes have drop handlebars; some mountain bikes have an additional chain ring, giving them a lower gear ratio

Windows Installation Instructions

The Windows X86 release is a self extracting archive. You will need about six megabytes of free disk space to install the JDK. Execute the file by double-clicking on it in the File Manager or by selecting Run... from the Program Manager's File menu and typing the path to the file. This will unpack the archive. The full path is unimportant, but for simplicity's sake I am going to assume you installed it from the root of your C: drive. If this is the case the files will live in C:\java. If you unpacked it somewhere else just replace C:\ by the full path to the java directory in what follows

Unix Installation Instructions

If you're on a shared system at a university or an Internet service provider, there's a good chance Java is already installed. Ask your local support staff how to access it. Otherwise follow these instructions.

The Unix release is a compressed tar file. You will need about nine megabytes of disk space to uncompress and untar the JDK. Double that would be very helpful. You do this with the commands:

% uncompress JDK-1_0_2-solaris2-sparc.tar.Z % tar xvf JDK-1_0_2-solaris2-sparc.tar

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