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Bookmark Us Javascript

For your website to have traffic, people should remember your site and visit again. This problem was solved long time ago with browser's Bookmarks. Still, people are lazy and usually are not using it, unless you remind them. So a Bookmark us script on your site is very useful. 

I will show you how you can easily create such a script for your site. The next script is compatible with the major browsers and easy to implement. Let us begin!

 Place the following script into your <head>section in the page you need to use it


This tool will let you easily create a page that detects the visitor's browser and automatically loads a specific page depending on which browser is used.

Fill in the fields and let this page do the programming for you.
Then copy and paste the code into your own HTML document.

The SetTimeout Function

So, you want to set things to happen after a certain amount of time? Well, the setTimeout function can help you create some nice scripts that will use time delays to make things happen. Let's take a look at how to call the setTimeout function:


The first parameter is a string, which is going to be the function you want to use. This function was named "myfunction()". The second parameter is a number. This number is going to be the number of milliseconds the browser should wait before executing your function. Above, we have 1000 milliseconds, which will be 1 second.

Now, what can you do with it? Let me start with an example that shows you the setTimeout function in action. Click the button to the right of the text box below and watch what happens!

Conditional Compilation of JScript/ JavaScript in IE

In IE, there is a little known feature called conditional compilation. Supported since IE4, this feature starting getting some attention when it began showing up in some Ajax related JavaScripts. An absolute form of object detection, conditional compilation lets you dictate to IE whether to compile certain parts of your JScript or JavaScript code depending on predefined and user defined conditions. Think of it as conditional comments for your script that can also be molded to work gracefully with non IE browsers as well.

Javascript Menus Tutorials

Javascript, which does not need to be compiled, adds functionality to web pages. It can be made to perform a number of useful tasks, such as respond to user actions, validate data, and more. If you want to make your web site more interactive, the tutorials in this section will show you how.

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