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Interview Questions
MySQL database manager

CocoaMySQL is an application used to manage MySQL databases (locally or over the internet). It lets you add and remove databases and tables, change fields and indexes, view and filter the content of tables, add, edit and remove rows, perform custom queries and dump tables or entire databases.

About the mysql
About the mysql.pm module and mysql the server and database. Connecting to your database from a remote domain, localhost, remote host, adding users.selecting records, selecting from multiple table, table joins, random records . Creating, dropping, editing, and modifying tables
Hack mysql
Scripts and documents for hacking MySQL. ... Define and Store MySQL ADO Connection String in VB.NET 2005 · Scale to New Heights at the 2007 MySQL Conference.In Windows and Internet web business applications development the connection to the MySQL database server is critical and requires high-level of security. In ADO.NET database technology the connection is defined in the Connection String property of the connection object. Defining and storing the MySQL Connection String properly is an important application setting task for developers today. In this article I'll show you how to setup and secure MySQL Connection String for Windows application development using VB.NET 2005. Also the difference of programming code between VB.NET 2003 and 2005 will be provided for data loading using MySQL Connector/NET 5.0.3 database driver.
MySQL Performance Tuning and Magazine
few MySQL users know more than how to create a database and write queries. Most of these newcomers to MySQL have neither a background in relational database. The last few “Tech Support” columns have shown how to improve the performance of your PHP applications. You can now speed up PHP performance with memcached and APC, configure and compile PHP to fine-tune it for your application and system, and load balance among several servers with Perlbal.
Amazon S3 Storage Engine for MySQL
Amazon's S3 is a web apt-oriented storage service, making storage available to both ordinary HTTP browsers and to sophisticated applications via SOAP and REST interfaces. Learn how useful it is to make this storage accessable to MySQL users via a plug-in storage engine.

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