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Interview Questions

Data Architects, DBAs, Data Modelers, and Database Developers looking for timely, relevant information on using Oracle to optimize enterprise performance - including security, disaster recovery, administration, and development - may access this site for online education, resources and collaborative tools specific to their areas of interest. The Data Architects resource page includes articles, industry trends, best practices, hot topics, and more.

Securing Oracle Network Traffic
“Advanced Security” is the name of a package of enhancements available for Net8. In the past this product was called Advanced Networking Option. Without Advanced Security, Net8 is not very secure. Application data is transferred between nodes in clear text, and there is no mechanism for detecting if a network packet was intercepted and altered while in transit. (Oracle Corporation states that database passwords are encrypted when transmitted by Net8, but the encryption method is not disclosed in the documentation.)
ORACLE- DBA Tips Corner
Provides Oracle developers with news, articles on application solutions and development, newsgroups, conference information, technical sources, a newsletter, and technology spotlight area. Offers a collection of articles, tips, product information, and utilities for Oracle, as well as an up-to-date list of conferences, seminars, and user group meetings. The FAQ contains Oracle company information, a glossary of terms, information on products and operating systems, news, book resources, and related Web links.
HyperBac for Oracle
HyperBac for Oracle is enterprise disk based database backup software. HyperBac uses integrated, high performance lossless compression to reduce the amount of disk I/O and DASD storage requirements by up to 90%. In contrast, other methods which can be used to produce compressed backup sets typically incorporate aggressive compression routines which yield a high rate of data compression but introduce a CPU bottleneck.
AppDetectivePro for Oracle
AppDetectivePro for Oracle is a network-based, vulnerability assessment scanner that locates and assesses the security strength of database applications within your network through penetration testing and security audit techniques. Armed with a revolutionary security methodology together with an extensive knowledgebase of vulnerabilities, AppDetectivePro for Oracle will locate, examine, report, and help fix your security holes and misconfigurations at your command.
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