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Interview Questions
PERL and PHP 5
PHP programming positions available

Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP, posts about PHP programming positions available at Yahoo:
Send me your resume and let me know what sort of stuff you are interested in or poke around on http://careers.yahoo.com/ and let me know which job interests you and I will forward your resume to the appropriate hiring manager.

Quick Count

Another counter Perl script, yet this one is quick and not seen by your visitor. Hidden within an Image url, this script stays behind the scenes counting your visitors. Running the script direct displays all the stats for the page counters along with showing the Total, Most and Least days and each day graphed. Stats are kept by total number since day started and tracked for the number of days you desire. As new days are added, older ones are removed only storing the number of days you set.

Online Keyword Research Tool

Online keyword research tool help you select keyword and research keyword for internet marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), You can find how many search times on internet for your keywords and generate a keyword list. Deep analyze option can help you find all related keywords and search times. The data is come from overture and google adword keyword search.You can easily generate a report such as Top 500 Most Searched Keywords on internet.

Pearl script converted to PHP

Pearl script converted to PHP is project number 75420 posted at GetAFreelancer.com. Click here to post your own project. http://www.gocurrency.com/cgi-bin/hlookup.cgi
We would like this historic lookup tool to be converted over to PHP. We already have a currency converter in PHP you can see here:

The look and feel would be similar to this converter with the same portable functionality and with the same features the original historic lookup tool has. Code provided when needed.

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