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Interview Questions
3D Perspective Grid Photoshop Tutorial

You could draw rules and lines all over the page to produce this effect. But let me show you a quicker way!

We will first make a pattern. Create a new document the size of the squares you want in your grid. Be careful to check transparent for the contents. If you don't, nothing will show behind your grid.

Welcome to PS Workshop

Your premier Photoshop Tutorial search engine.. We're still the easiest way to find that exact Photoshop effect or technique you're looking for! We have a great selections of Photo shop tutorials. Most tutorials are complete with step by step instructions that should give you the knowledge to create some great images for logo designs or web sites, and check out our Blog for the latest tips.

And now, adding your tutorials is as easy as registering to become a PS Workshop Member. Once your account is set up, you have full control over adding, modifying, or deleting your tutorial including the associated thumbnails. Growing your brain can be this much fun!

Difference Between Image 'Resizing' and 'Resampling' In Photoshop

When changing the size of an image in Photoshop, there's really two ways to go about it. You can either resize the image, or you can resample the image. A lot of people use the terms resizing and resampling as if they mean the same thing, but they don't, and there's an important difference between the two. That difference, as important as it is, is controlled by nothing more than a single checkbox option at the bottom of the Image Size dialog box, as we'll see in this Photoshop tutorial.

As I just mentioned, the choice of resizing or resampling your image is handled by the Image Size dialog box, which can be found under the Image menu at the top of the screen. The difference between resizing and resampling has to do with whether or not you're changing the number of pixels in the image, or as Photoshop calls it, changing the pixel dimensions of the image. If you're keeping the number of pixels in the image the same and simply changing the size at which the image will print, or in Photoshop terminology, changing the document size of the image, that's known as resizing. If, on the other hand, you are physically changing the number of pixels in the image, that's called resampling


Welcome to the official, Russell Brown tips & techniques page. This is your one-stop shopping location for the latest in hot new tips from the one, and only, Dr. Brown.

Beware, these QuickTime movies are large and will take time to download if you're on a slow connection. Also, if you are viewing them using Internet Explorer, the movies may take several minutes to appear. For best results, Dr. Brown recommends that you use the Safari, or Firefox browser. These tutorials have been provided to you as a free service from Adobe Systems and Russell Brown. Please do not redistribute this content without the written permission of Russell Brown.

3D Buttons in Photoshop 6

This tutorial explains how to create an old fasion 3D button using only new Photoshop 6 Layer Effects.

Using the Elliptical Marquee¹ tool make a round selection. Create a new layer. Using the Paint Bucket¹ tool fill the selection with black.

Apply Gradient Overlay layer effect with parameters as shown in the picture. To display Layer Style dialog window, just double click on the layer in the Layers palette.

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