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Interview Questions
Improve Your Digital Photography (DOF)

There are two main things that affect depth of field:

1.) The aperture (or F stop) setting--this refers to how wide the shutter opens.
2.) The focal length of the lens--this refers to how much the lens “zooms in” your subject.

At the lowest setting (F2.8), the object you focus on will be sharp, but objects in the background will appear softer and out of focus. At the highest setting (F8), everything from the foreground of your picture to the objects off in the distance will appear sharp and in focus.

Faux Dynamic Range Increase

Learn how to artificially increase the dynamic range using one picture. Increasing dynamic range make photos to look more alike to what the eye sees in real life. This technique is also an effective alternative for correcting exposure.

Open a digital photo to edit. We recommend using a photo with a good exposure. Any Image compression (ex. JPEG compression) should be minimal. The quality of the result greatly depends on the photo used. Transform a photo into a series of circles. This is done by combining several filters.

Cheat Code

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Today i will show you how to create a layout for a cheat games

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Notebook Sketch Effect

In this step-by-step exercise, we'll show you how to take any drawing, sketch, or doodle and then incorporate it onto a photograph of a notebook sheet of paper.
Step-By-Step Instructions:
1. Open a photograph of a notebook that you want to add drawing, writing, or scribbles on
2. Open another photograph of the scribble Image that you want to place on the notebook.
3. Copy and paste the drawing into a new layer overlapping the notebook layer.
4. Goto Edit > Transform > Distort. Use the shape handles to align the drawing with the notebook
5. Click the notebook layer so it is active. Goto Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.
6. Click the drawing layer so it is active. Set the Blending Mode to "Color Burn".
7. You should now have your Notebook Sketch Effect

Get Great Results With Your Digital Camera

Garbage in - Garbage out
There's a big fantasy that any photo can be improved in PhotoShop. I'm a PhotoShop expert and I'm here to tell you that if you're not collecting enough data, or the right kind of data, there's nothing PhotoShop can do about it. If you haven't captured what you need at the start, you're not going anywhere. It might look acceptable on the screen but it won't print well.

Get enough data
Here's the simple rule of thumb: Set you camera's setting to the highest resolution possible. Get a larger data card so you can capture more photos at a time. I use a 64MB Smart Card. That lets me get about 15 images before downloading. Do not sacrifice resolution for being able to get more images before downloading.

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