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Interview Questions
Get Back Your Background Layer

Lost your Background layer? It happens. It’s heartbreaking, but it happens. If you suddenly find yourself staring at a Layers palette and there’s no Background layer (chances are you accidentally converted your Background layer into a regular layer), here’s how to get a Background layer again: Click on the Create a New Layer icon, then go under the Layer menu, under New, and choose Background From Layer, and Photoshop will take your new blank layer and create a solid white Background layer at the bottom of your layer stack.

Community Tips

Photoshop Launchpad A, B, C (3-part course); Photos into Artwork for Photoshop; Starting with a Blank Canvas for Photoshop; Fix your Photos

If you like my s and you are the sort of person who likes to learn in an "orderly" way while meeting and working with other people, then I am SURE you will like my Photoshop courses!

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Mastering Adobe Photoshop

Mastering Adobe Photoshop is the first step in your exciting journey to becoming a graphic design or web design professional. Adobe Photoshop is the most popularly used photo-editing software in the world.

The Photoshop training is elementary for a web designer as the software offers an integrated and comprehensive design environment to help create sophisticated images for the web and print media. Photoshop lessons helps you master advanced Image editing, photo retouching, and compositing tools that help you offer professional-quality results. The software also offers a variety of innovative special effects, including high-end painting and drawing tools. In fact, Photoshop is the magic wand with which you can create any Image, visual or graphic that you can imagine.

Microphone in Photoshop

You asked for it and you got it. More Intermediate/Advanced s Step up to the Microphone please. We are going to create a microphone in Photoshop. This is a two part , but you don't have to wait for part two because I am putting up both parts today. So without any further babble, let's jump in...


  • Patterns
  • Spherize Filter
  • Custom Gradients
  • Layer Styles
  • Realistic Rope in Photoshop

    This came out of a request from the forum. I was asked if I could make a realistic rope. But it needed to be ?coiled up like a cobra? with an end sticking up. I just cannot resist a challenge and this is the result. I present? the ?rope charmer?


  • Patterns
  • Noise
  • Selections
  • Polar coordinates
  • Layer styles
  • Shear
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