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Interview Questions
Photoshop Crash Course

Adobe Photoshop is the Ginsu knife of graphics programs - it does everything from creating Web graphics to tweaking photos to putting the head of your favorite actor on the body of a porn star. (But unlike the Ginsu knife, everybody actually uses Photoshop.) We recruited two former Webmonkeys, Jim and Luke (who are now in prison), to give us the goods on how Photoshop can lead you down the road to happiness and profit.

Planet Photoshop

Here's a super-simple technique for enhancing the most important bits of any portrait: the eyes. It's a quick and painless way to make the eyes really stand out and take on a slightly sultry and burning look. To illustrate, we'll use a photo of a beautiful woman culled from the vast database over at iStockphoto.com.

Generally low-wage labor is either easy but boring or difficult but fun. If you are doing something that's both easy and fun you're probably paying for the privilege. If you are doing something that's both boring and difficult you're probably moving layers from Photoshop to Flash.

How to Alter Photos for Digital & Paper Scrapbooking
There are certain things I do to every photo before sharing them or printing them. I myself use Photoshop Elements. I do use automatic enhance features quite often. Or you can make artistic enhancements to your photos. Below the following photoshop tutorials, I have posted links to more resources that you will find helpful. Come back throughout the week to see more ideas and more tips!
photoshop roadmap

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most powerful digital Image editing program ever developed. Originaly created for photo retouching, color correction, prepress services, illustration and other visual design activities, has now expanded to cover new areas such as web design, digital photography, digital video and 3d rendering, .
Adobe Photoshop standard tools and commands are straightforward to learn, but it is in their interaction where the magic lies.

Photoshop Tips

These tips are for beginners not Photoshop experts, but if you are a pro, you might find them entertaining.

There is a photoshop FAQ, as well as links to Adobe resources, and some basic information about this site to be found at General Information. It also tells you where your (Windows) Photoshop preferences files are located.

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