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Interview Questions
Great Graphics in Adobe Photoshop

Just starting out with Photoshop? Here's a list of 10 common techniques that will improve your Photoshop skills.Learn how to create cool metallic logos and shapes with this Photoshop 5.5/6 tutorial.In this tutorial you'll learn how to use layer masks to create the effect of one Image gradually fading into another.

Here we take you through the process of creating some cool 3D graphic effects in Photoshop using the "Lighting Effects" filter.Covers the basics of working with layers in Photoshop: creating them, moving them around, hiding layers, copying and deleting, transparency, opacity, and blending options.

Photoshop Weblog

This is the final post on The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog. It's also a new beginning for Photoshop Online, which I'll be hosting as an independent video podcast at http://photoshoponline.tv . Join me there in a couple of days (once the little elves get the domain names resolved) for a feast of Photoshop tips and techniques.

The trick is to take several shots of the same scene at slightly different exposures and merge the images into one 32-bit HDR file in Photoshop (CS2 only). Shoot in RAW format. Be sure to use a tripod so your camera doesn't move between shots.

Photoshop Contest!
On our site you can enter modified images into contests appropriately called photoshop contests. Other members then view, vote and comment on your work. The contest entry with the most votes, wins. You can win real prizes, while trading secrets with some of the world's most talented graphic artists.
Adobe Systems

New features include simplified file handling with Adobe Bridge, revolutionary Vanishing Point, Multiple Layer Control, Smart Objects, Multi-Image Raw Processing, Image Warp, Advanced Noise Reduction, 32-bit High Dynamic Range Support, Customizable Workspaces and Menus, Spot Healing Brush, One-click Red-eye correction. Make your vision a reality. Learn more about Adobe Photoshop CS2 and try it now for free.

Photoshop tricks
Watch each week as “The Photoshop Guys” (Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, and Scott Kelby) from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) share the hottest Adobe Photoshop tutorials, the latest insider tricks, and the coolest timesaving, job-saving shortcuts to make your time in Photoshop more productive, more efficient, and more fun.
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