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Interview Questions
Photoshop plugins

No matter what your skill level, you will find Photoshop plugins and filters that will assist you in creating your project.  A Photoshop plugin can take many different forms: Image processing, text, file formats, selections, production filters, automation and more, but the most common is probably the special effect. The special effect Photoshop plugin can take the form of simply shifting a pixel to the left or perhaps adding a frame or a variety of frames or changing the color of a pixel or adding an emboss or fractal to an Image.  Many applications have their own native plugins and these are generally not swappable between applications.  Each application offers its own unique take on a plugin effect or might offer additional effects not found in any available plugin set. 

Photoshop Tutorials, Free Fonts
Photoshop tutorials, free fonts, graphics tutorials and desktop publishing tutorials for Macintosh and Windows here at sketchpad.net! Here you can find Photoshop tutorials, free fonts, QuarkXPress tutorials, Corel tutorials, Macromedia FreeHand tutorials and Deneba Canvas tutorials. The site is organized by software application. Everything is accessible using the navigation panel on the left side of each page.
Photo Stitching/Masking a Tree

This tutorial illustrates a flexible method for stitching together overlapping photos into a seamless panorama.It also includes a basic introduction to the automated Photomerge function in CS. This tutorial will demonstrate advanced techniques to extract a clean mask from a photo of a tree set against a blue sky, extensively using channels and levels.

An advanced tutorial demonstrating a simple method of giving the illusion of a 3d refraction to any form, using Photoshop's Glass filter.

Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe® Photoshop® is the industry standard Image editing program. Photoshop is a truly vast program. Photoshop is capable of so much and yet it does it all so well. Whether you prepare images for print media or the Internet, Photoshop should be included in your tool chest of graphics applications. Here are but a small sampling of Photoshop tutorials which you can do to increase your skills.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop CS2 tutorial for changing the color of eyes using Quick Mask. Photoshop tutorial for creating some quick, 3D effects using the 3D Transform Tool in Photoshop.Photoshop logo tutorial for a very popular logo technique. Just look around, this effect is everywhere and we'll show you how to create the effect in Photoshop.

Photoshop techno effect that can be used for both text and web graphics. One of our most popular Photoshop tutorials.In this Photoshop CS2 tutorial you'll learn a fast and efficient way to trim the canvas around your images without having to use the crop tool each time.

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