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Interview Questions
Webdesign mockup

Ever wonder how these guys draw their Web 2.0 Logos? Sometimes its nice to learn from others, build up the basic skills and start your own creativity from there. In this Photoshop tutorial, I’m going to reveal you some of the nice Web 2.0 logos, how you can draw their logo exactly the same (well, not really 100% though) with Photoshop.

Fluid Mask manuals and tutorials
We will be continually adding tutorials to this section. Please check back with us to find the latest ones.Click on the "View Tutorial" links to watch the tutorials right away. Or choose "Download tutorial" to save the Quicktime or Windows Media Files to your computer to watch them later.This tutorial shows you the revolutionary new features of Fluid Mask 2.0 by taking you through the cut-out process step-by-step.In this tutorial you'll be introduced to the new Edge Detection Options panel and how the options can improve the result of your cut-out.
Web-based Photoshop

Photoshop online will not be a direct copy of Photoshop. Even though Adobe's Flex technology allows developers to deliver graphically rich applications over the Web, there is still much one cannot do over a broadband connection. The online product is more likely to be a consumer-friendly, de-featured editor, perhaps even less capable than Photoshop Elements, Adobe's editor for consumers.

There are other online photo editors already (see our coverage of Fauxto, Picnik, Pixoh, Pxn8 , and XMG), but an online version of Photoshop is sure to capture a lot of users due to name recognition alone. We hope the online product lives up to the standards that the traditional version has set.

High-Key Black & White Photo Effect
This tutorial will show you how to simulate the effects of high-key photography in Photoshop. This effect can work great on portraits, particularly of children, where the white, soft tones give a feeling of innocence to the picture.Start building your own libraries of custom brushes, patterns and shapes. This tutorial will guide you through the steps to create re-usable presets from your artwork.Ready for a blast from the past? In part one of this guide, we’ll explore many of the graphical elements that make up the original Nintendo classic, Super Mario Brothers. In this section: blocks, bricks warp pipes and landscape elements.
Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins

This installer contains two plug-ins and several helpful scripts for Adobe® Photoshop®:

  • NVIDIA Normal Map Filter
  • NVIDIA DDS PLug-in
  • NVIDIA Mipster Script
  • NVIDIA Cube Map Shuffler

  • The Plug-ins
    The NVIDIA Normal Map filter creates normal maps from height maps for per pixel rendering. The DDS plug-in supports the DXTC texture compression format and allows you to open and save .dds files in RGB format. It reads and writes .dds files compressed or uncompressed.  
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