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Interview Questions
Correct red eye

Correct "red eye" and "pet eye" in just a few clicks – without the lame “black blotch pupils” that turn people into hypnotized zombies. No more re-taking endless shots to avoid “red eye.” Fake photos: for fun and profit. Swap the bride and groom’s heads for a funny Anniversary card, rest your client on a pile of cash to peak interest, let Grandma surf a killer wave, or slap yourself on the moon! Who says the camera can't lie? Masking: Quick Mask or Alpha Channel - what's the difference? I’ll raise the curtain and unveil the answer in full “layman’s” detail! Apply filters and styles with ease… like water color, pencil drawing, texture, grain, blur. Or use “paint daubs” to make your photo mimic one of Monet’s prized paintings!

Learning Photoshop

In this chapter, you are introduced to Photoshop , what Photoshop is, and its place in Internet and new media development.  In addition, some of the current limitations of new media environments are also discussed.

Upon completing this section, you should be able to:
Understand Photoshop ’s Function in Web Development
  • Understand Digital Image standards
  • Understand common Internet limitations
    ProJPEG 6.0 is an easy to use, high performance tool for preparing optimized JPEG images for the Web. It is a filter plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro that saves you valuable production time while resulting in smaller, faster JPEG files for your Web site. Get it now for Mac or Windows.
    evaluate.zip is a plug that can perform more than 50 different image processing operations ranging from color replacement, color inversion, color swapping, greyscale conversion, color clamping, color multiplication and division, color trigonometrical mathematics, pixel blurring, pixel grain, and much, much more.
    Introduction to digital photography
    If you are just starting to work with digital images and want great results fast, this complete, easy-to-follow guide is the one for you. As you take your first steps into the magical world of digital imaging, you'll rapidly gain mastery. Everything you need to make your once-in-a-lifetime photos look like a pro shot them is here–with real-life examples and hands-on projects . Color-correct skin tones, isolate foreground subjects, extract people and objects from their backgrounds, create slide shows, fix red-eye, share images online
    The (Photoshop) Art of Beauty
    Most of us are aware that our senses are bombarded on a daily basis with images of impossible beauty; but does that knowledge make us any less susceptible to the desire to compare ourselves and others with these fantasy visions? Many of the images here have been so heavily manipulated they could claim to be art. But unlike Rubens or Michelangelo, the manipulation is neither made clear nor becomes part of the viewing experience.
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