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Using RubyGems

This chapter gives examples of the most common user opertions performed with the gem command. See the gem Command Reference manual for details about particular gem commands.

Versioning is a pretty basic concept in RubyGems. You might want to glance at the Specifying Versions chapter for a better understanding of how versions work with RubyGems.

Python Cookbook

Welcome to the Python Cookbook, a collaborative collection of your contributions to Python lore.

Python Cookbook code is freely available for use and review. We encourage you to contribute recipes (code and discussion), comments and ratings.

Thanks to everyone who submitted recipes and comments for the Python Cookbook Second Edition. The collection, co-edited with Alex Martelli and Anna Ravenscroft, is scheduled for publication in March, 2005.

Contributors whose recipes are used in the book will receive a complimentary copy of the Second Edition. A portion of all royalties will go to the non-profit Python Software Foundation.

Rails Scaffolding

While you're developing Rails applications, especially those which are mainly providing you with a simple interface to data in a database, it can often be useful to use the scaffold method.

Scaffolding provides more than cheap demo thrills. Here are some benefits:

  • You can quickly get code in front of your users for feedback.
  • You are motivated by faster success.
  • You can learn how Rails works by looking at generated code.
  • You can use the scaffolding as a foundation to jumpstarts your development.
Mod_python handlers

Apache processes requests in phases. A handler is a function that processes a particular phase of a request. Handlers are provided by Apache and by its modules, like mod_python.

A number of handlers are available in mod_python. Most of them are low level replacements for Apache handlers but two, Publisher and PSP, are high level and will be covered here.

A simple search engine in Python
I think that a search engine for the contents of a website is a great thing to improve a website. No need to browse through all the pages for something you're looking for, in stead just type a keyword and let some script do all of the work. Anyway, I wrote a simple search engine for this site and I'll explain here how I did it. It is very basic, but easy to improve. For example, in stead of indexing the local files of this site you can use the urllib package to search any other site on the internet!
Try this link and see how it works on my web page.
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