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Remotely Hosting 2
Banner Blair LIVE
BannerBlair LIVE offers you the functionality and results of one of the best banner rotation scripts out there without the hassle of installing a complicated script or managing a database. Simply create a BannerBlair LIVE account, paste two lines of code into your existing site, and add your banners through our control panel. THATS IT!!! With BannerBlair LIVE you can load all of your banner ad codes into the control panel and it will automatically cycle through them without the page having to be refreshed. Not only does it cycle through the ads automatically, but visitors can also drop down and view all of your banner ads at the click of a mouse.
ClickBank Product Ad Builder
Put Google Adsense-type ads for ClickBank products on your website. Our free ClickBank Ad Builder delivers ads for ClickBank products based on keywords you specify, or, you can choose to let it pull keywords from your web page! Send sales through the roof by advertising high conversion products that are related to your content. Customize the look to fit your site. * Ads are based on your keywords * Optionally, let the adserver pick ads based on your page keywords * Rotating ads pull the highest converting ClickBank products that fit your page * Affiliate links are cloaked * Product database is updated daily, so your ads are always fresh * Choose how many ads to show * Customize the look of your adblocks to blend with your site.
Free Remotely Hosted Hit Counters

The remotely hosted hit counters services listed on this page allow you to place a graphic Image on your web page showing a count of the number of visitors that your page (or site) has had to date. They are usually used in personal web sites, where the webmaster wants to show off to his/her friends and family how many visitors the site has received.

Note that if you are running a business site or even a serious hobby site, you should consider either using a remotely hosted web statistics service or running your own log analyzers and generating your own web stats instead. In fact, if you are hosted on a commercial web host, such things are usually already provided by default.

Advert SERVE

AdvertSERVE is a remote-hosted instance of the ad management program, AdvertPRO. It is designed for clients who want to use AdvertPRO, but who's server will not run it locally.The AdvertSERVE service can really save you a lot of money if you use, or are considering using, other ad serving services which charge you monthly fees or percentages of your ad revenue.

CB4 comes free of cost and its features include unlimited number of different advertiser programs, up to 16 different banner images per advertiser, optional automatic advertiser campaign activation date, impressions or click-through, optional sub-accounts, graphical statistics, view all of your banners in one page, etc
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