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Interview Questions
Remotely Hosting 3
The Flow - Business Process Management
The Flow is an advanced Business Process Management (BPM) system that is easy to use. At first glance it appears to be very simple and it has been built that way to require a low learning curve, but it can be complex enough for any scale.
GoURL URL Shortening & Forwarding
GoURL.Biz is a free, url shortening and forwarding service. With GoURL.Biz you can shorten long urls so they don't take up as much space in emails, instant messages, online auctions, forums, or blogs. The GoURL url will even fit into a single line in a SMS text message. This service is completely free, and you can use it as often and as much as you like.
Cpanel remote FTP backup script
Michal LaSalvia of EZHOSTINGPRO has created a script for remote cpanel backups. It is a basic shell script that will allow the server owner to charge for remote backups. Basically those users that pay for a remote backup service will be added to the flat file by the server admin and have a backup script put in there home directory. The only thing that is not automated is the process of adding the new user to the database and placing the placing the backup script into the users home directory.

Michal currently has the customers fill out a form and upon submission of the payment he will create a remote ftp account and add the customers account to the backup.

Manage links with LinksManager.com; editor-based link management application service.  Designed with a high code of ethics to facilitate thoughtful and relevant linking for the end user, LinksManager manages link campaigns with editorial discretion including reciprocal links, one way links, and helps increase relevant website traffic through linking with other like-minded quality sites.

Designed for both novice and expert users, LinksManager can manage link content in many ways:  Create pages of exit links, relevant reciprocal links with related sites, one-way links, a large themed directory or portal site, a news resource, advertisements structured as links, other exit resources, dictionaries, or custom search engines. Thousands of websites use LinksManager because link exchange management is easier with LinksManager's patented technology.

Free Online Support System
The support ticket system enables you to manage all your customer service related activities in one place. Automatically assign a ticket ID to incoming emails, register incoming phone calls, reply to customers online, and search the ticket database for known answers.
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