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The Title Tag

The Title Tag contains the single most important piece of information within any web document. Title tags are one of the simplest and most succesful ways of letting a search understand the focus of the page and allow it to determine the maximum relevancy for it.

The title tag for a web document is placed within the <head>...<head> tags for the document using <title>...</title>. This textual component of the web document is the first piece of text that a Search Engine will find within a web document and will use it to determine which words and/or phrases the document should be considered as being relevant for. For example if a page has the title tag of "Search Engine Optimization" the page is seen as being focussed for that term.

Meta Keyword Tag

How does the meta keyword tag further your Search Engine optimization efforts? Although most crawling search engines no longer support the tag it is still a useful way to reinforce your keywords on the Crawlers that do, namely Inktomi and Teoma. AllTheWeb, AltaVista and Google ignore the tag. However, it should be pointed out that any benefit derived from the meta keyword tag is minimal, many SEO's experienced in Search Engine Optimization no longer use the tag.

Title, Keywords and Meta-Tag Description

This is the text that will appear in the title bar of your Shop. Title Tag is an important Tag amongst other SEO related options, as it not only communicates the theme of your Web page to the human visitors, but is also considered very important by the search engine crawlers.

Store Description

In the SEO game, it's all about content.  Describe your CafePress.com Shop using keywords that accurately describe your Shop's merchandise.  Of course, be as descriptive as possible.  Search engines will rank your shop based on it's content and use keywords.  If you have a Premium shop, describe every page and section .  Always remember to include the following in your Shop's description:

The Keyword Extractor and Analyzer

In brief, the Keyword Extractor and Analyzer (KEA) takes a text or a web page URL as input. The keywords in the text or web page are then extracted. The list of keywords can then be checked by you and submitted for ranking checks in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and MSN)

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