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Interview Questions
SQL Server 3
SQL Server 2005 E-Learning

Whether you are interested in database administration, database development, or business intelligence, you can access the E-Learning topic you want, when you want it, and learn at your own pace. Each lesson includes hands-on virtual labs and offline functionality.

This online learning collection of seven 2-hour courses focus on the knowledge and skills to design a Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 database infrastructure. It is intended for database administrators working in enterprise environments who would like to design their database infrastructure. This collection also includes access to twenty searchable E-Reference books for quick just-in-time problem solving

What is GNU SQL Server 

GNU SQL is based on a client-server architecture for DBMS organizations. In fact, we support two kinds of "clients and servers" according to a way of mutual communications.

The set of processes operating on a data base may be divided into several layers depending on their distance from the data base. The closest or innermost layer is the SDTM layer. These processes provide the facilities of Sinchronization (two-phase predicate locks), Logical Log (the log of updates of logical level), Micro Log (the log for microoperations), Buffer (main memory bufferization, exchanges with disks, locks of pages), and Sorter (to make external sorts). SDTM also includes utilities to restore data base after failures and crashes and a run-time library for transactions. trhis library implements the external interface of SDTM. All processes of this layer communicate with message queues and shared memory.

SQL tutorial

A demonstrating the power of AutoComplete feature of the TextBox control using Windows Forms client and SQL Server 2000 data.

Sending E-mail with Database Mail in SQL Server 2005
SSAS Partition Slicing
Enhance your SQL Server security skills with five quick steps
MDX Clauses and Keywords: Use HAVING to Filter an Axis
Restore only the SQL data you need - Try LiteSpeedTM for SQL Server for FREE.
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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server offers tight integration with the Back Office series of server products. Check out this collection of SQL Server links about migrating to SQL Server, performance tuning, development and more!

After a long gap in the release of SQL Server databases, Microsoft recently released SQL Server 2005 (formerly code-named Yukon). In this substantial upgrade, they've packed the new database engine full of features. Probably the most significant one that will catch your attention is the price tag – it’s up to 25% higher than SQL Server 2000. A single processor license for SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition will set you back approximately $25,000. That’s not cheap, but Microsoft has made some great advances in functionality that make up the difference.

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