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Interview Questions
SQL Server 8
SQL Server Database Coding Conventions

Here are some programming guidelines and best practices, keeping quality, performance and maintainability in mind. This list many not be complete at this moment, and will be constantly updated. BTW, special thanks to Tibor Karaszi (SQL Server MVP) and Linda (lindawie) for taking time to read this article and providing suggestions.

SQL Server Support
The objective of the Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) port is to provide another database alternative to MYSQL to take advantage of SQL server in business environments where Mysql may be a barrier to entry. The goal was to provide the ability for GL1.4.0 to work in either Mysql or MS SQL server with zero code changes required to be done by the end user. The version(s) of SQL supported are SQL 2000 and above, including the MSDE.
Optimize database snapshots
Tempdb in SQL Server 2005 provides improved performance. In this tip, get insight to these tempdb changes and write advanced SQL Server code. More powerful MDX in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services includes query support and expression/calculation language to help support business intelligence needs. See how it works. In this tip, you'll see how to minimize the size of I/O bottlenecks in your primary database, while understanding the role of sparse files in using the database snapshot. Secure database systems require sharp skills on behalf of a SQL Server DBA. This tip outlines five steps to build your security expertise and limit system vulnerabilities.

What's New in SQL Server 2005 SP2

In Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (SP2), the following components have new or improved features.The 2007 version of Microsoft Office requires the installation of SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services SP2 to support all its business intelligence features. If you run against an instance of Analysis Services that does not have SP2 installed, features of Microsoft Office that require SP2 will be disabled.

Performance and scalability has been improved with regard to subselects, running sum calculations, NUMA optimizations for partition processing, partition query scalability, ragged hierarchies, visual totals, ROLAP dimensions, cell writeback, many-to-many dimensions, drillthrough, semi-additive measures, unary operators, and stored procedures.

Hacking an SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is a popular and robust environment for many applications that use databases – it features excellent multi-access capabilities, comprehensive security coverage and can easily be transported to other database platforms. Unfortunately, such potential will not be realized – notwithstanding the use of royalty-free MSDE (Microsoft Database Engine optimized for individual or small workgroup solutions) if adequate security protection to the databases is not provided as a minimum.
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