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Tools & Utilities 2
eNewsletter Manager

The eNewsletter Manager v2 is aimed at being the complete newsletter management solution. You can send personalized HTML messages, and automatically manage the opt-in and opt-out submissions of your subscribers all with the mere need of just one POP and SMTP mail accounts. Features include and easy wordpad-like HTML editor, alternate HTML & Text messages, multiple attachments, multiple mailing lists, UNICODE support, resume interrupted operations (even on system crash), customizeable opt-in and opt-out options, send welcome and goodbye confirmation emails, ESMTP authentication, log events, easy management of your contacts� databases by editing, merging, duplicating, importing or exporting subscribers, and a backup & restore utility.

Mobilatory Send to Phone
Send Ringtones, Wallpapers and Other Files FOR FREE! Transfer your files to the mobile phone with Mobilatory.com. You can transfer simple or polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers images, video files, Word and Excel documents, text and PDF files, GIF animation, etc. The files you send to your mobile phone should be supported by the mobile phone.
Proxy Changer

A faster way to change your proxy settings in Internet Explorer. Disable or enable the proxy, or set it to a default proxy setting or use an alternate setting. Minimizes to the system tray where you are only a right-click away from changing the setting. Great to use if you need to change your proxy often. (You may need to restart IE when you change the proxy for the change to take effect) No need to install, it runs right from the exe file. Requires the .NET Framework from Microsoft.

Ace Operator
Ace Operator, a free open-source web-based customer contact solution, is an inexpensive way for your online customers to communicate live with your company representatives (operators) who can provide real-time customer service, sales support, product information and support, company information or training. Online customers can access operator services by simply clicking a button on any of your web pages. Ace Operator can be added to any web site by embedding a "talk" button into any web page where operator services may be required. When a customer clicks on the button, a service request is placed in a call queue. When an operator (company representative) becomes available, an instant messaging session is established between the customer and the operator through which real-time text messages can be exchanged. In addition, the operator can send web pages, pictures, forms and other media to the customer via the customer's web browser. Ace Operator also enables operators to monitor online visitors to the web site, initiate contact with them, and engage them in a conversation.
novocm is a fully featured CRM tool for the MS Windows platform with support for MS Access and MS SQL databases. Take control of customer data, link contacts to customers, manage sales and leads from novocm. Effectively track support cases per customer and per product. With a integration into TestTrack Pro by Seapine Software Inc. you can manage defects in this market leading solution.. and link the data back to novocm. We have many features in novocm that makes it the best CRM system that is free for the Windows platform.
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