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Interview Questions
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What Is Xml ?

This series provides an introduction to the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and its general format. It introduces the fundamentals of XML, including how to read a basic XML document, the XML document structure, and viewing XML source documents. It shows how to build an XML data document, including creating elements and element modes, naming XML objects, and creating declarations and well-formed documents. Additional topics covered in this series include a detailed discussion of the Document Object Model, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and XSL Style Language.

XHTML FAQs - Introduction To XHTML 1.0

A collection of 17 tips on XHTML 1.0 introduction. Clear answers are provided for frequently asked questions on what is XHTML, Web, HTTP, XML, HTML, URL, SGML, CSS, and DTD; who developed XHTML; writing and viewing XHTML documents.

Liquid XML Data Binding

XML Data Binding is the process of creating a class library from an XML schema (XSD, XDR or DTD). Liquid XML 2006 generates class libraries specific to your needs allowing your XML documents to be manipulated programmatically, in a simple, intuitive way. This reduces the amount of coding needed, increasing reliability and productivity.

oXygen XML Editor

The simple and elegant look of <oXygen/> combined with the complete coverage of the XML editing features have made it popular in both the corporate and academic worlds. It provides the necessary tools for the document creation and presentation. The documents can be created and validated against any user defined schema. The smart context sensitive editing saves time and guarantees a minimum number of validation errors. The documents can be published in a wide range of formats including HTML, PDF, PostScript using the built-in or external processors. Developers can use <oXygen/> for authoring document schemas and for editing and debugging the XSL stylesheets needed for the presentation layer.

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